Thumbnail anyone?

It seems like no one else is going to make a thumbnail, I am going to use @LOFINIGHT ’s and will credit him.

I can do it for you!
I use adobe photoshop
Got a lot of detail so I don’t need to ask :wink:

Work I've done

Bro, I am trying to make one can you unmark the solution?

Alright I will make a new topic!
Edit: I’ll just unmarked the solution done

Okay thanks send me a link

Here’s a link sry for the delay I’m at school Thumbnail for awesome PvP game

um you kinda came late so
I mean he already said mine was fine?

No, he wants to see who’s is better and for other people to try too.

yeah but you get this was two weeks ago but whatever ig

i gotchu @Kraveez
i can make you a great thumbnail

some of my previous work


hey @CringeKarlScott, you know about the d e a t h screen you made? it isn’t working for me can u help?

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Are you just advertising @CringeKarlScott?

But anyways
(No I do not)

I’ve done your thumbnail!
Tell me anything I would need to improve.

Final result

Rate 1-10

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Mine is a work in progress, so it is bad. it will be better.

Screenshot 2024-04-12 7.22.01 AM
That is my finished thumbnail. I can add things if you want me to. It’s not great, but that’s it for now.

Guns aren’t allowed in thumbnails I think

Sorry, I didn’t realize! I will replace it with a zapper.

Screenshot 2024-04-12 7.33.44 AM

Okie, now is appropriate :+1: