Thumbnail For A Red V Blue Obstacle Course

for a friend.

Gims: Basic Red Gim, Basic Blue Gim
Title: Red V Blue Shenanigans
Background: Vibrant red and blue mix
Credits: Blackjack, That_Fedora_Guy

rest is up to you!

Here one is:

Don’t know if you’ll like it, I’ve never made a thumbnail before… :grin:

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it’s not by blackjack.

Looks gud for your first thumbnail!
you included the dragon (or whatever) gim, that’s some nice detail!

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In fact, it’s by both of us. (oh, and it’s an obstacle course)

can I help you guys pls

I know, but the flags look cool. It symbolised the other team in their face.

Is this better? I’m not sure how to symbolize “obsticle course.”

I recognize the font aclonica

My favorite (favourite?)

favourite is british
teatime :tea:
getting back on topic


Actually, it is the dragon, or “Dragim” gim. Technically it is a wyvern, but they get mixed up all the time anyway. Also, thanks.

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I know it isn’t, but he IS the one asking…

I can make one.

No offense but the mouths look cursed…


Mine is merely just for fun, don’t take it seriously.


I’m going to probably add a Gim on the red side jumping into frame like that enlarged blue one, credits, and the title later. Don’t look at how shaky it is, I had to draw it with a very glitchy mouse Also is shading and stuff ok, I know I have to fix the classic blue’s eyes XD

that’s so good! AND you said it was only for fun :0

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I’ma work on this too, and its an obstacle course or a pvp I’m confused.

hey, I’m trying to see if I can make one for myself (if I can’t find a thumbnail that fits well), does anyone have tips for digital?

obstacle course

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