Thumbnail art help bc I am remnaming

so because i have been asking for a new name for my map my other post i want to change the thumbnail and i need some help making a new one or some ideas maybe

So, what do you want in the thumbnail? I can’t make much if I don’t have any details or even a title.

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so my map is titled lazer mayzer but in the post above you can tell if you looked at it that I want to change that and you will see why so based on what people suggested prob what @ire or @Unigirl said might be the new name so if you could make a thumbnail maybe based on those?

So you want some gims trying to go through a laser maze thing? Do you have any specific gims you might want?

not realy /… no.

Ok, I will try my best, but I don’t exactly have a solid idea, so don’t blame me if it isn’t what you wanted.

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i get it sinse i do not have a new idea

i can try making one for you…
(although it probably wont compare to boop’s thumbnail)
it probably wont be finished for a couple days tho

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I can also make a thumbnail.
Ooh, @Kosm0-o and @boop as competition…
I might be cooked : (

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I have spawned.


you beat me last time, don’t see why you can’t do it again :D
im coming in last >_<
i finally have a tablet to draw on . - .
but i still suck at shading and lighting T-T


I’ll take that as a challenge. IM COMIN IN LAST

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Nah, I would probably come in last! Let’s make it a challenge!

past works of a goober:

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My past works:
:first_quarter_moon: :new_moon: :last_quarter_moon:

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I’m glad you put the gim to work! I do need one of those links…

i feel like you have more art to put in there… or maybe that’s just me lol

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Do you want your name to be adagio_sostenuto or something else?

no tthe map name is being changed not minw

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Ok! I never know because my name on thumbnails is Cryaions awe siwy.

Reason why that's my name (Length warning)

So I wanted a name better than what I called myself in games. My name was Beagles. That’s not very original. I was joking about how cryaions awe siwy. I said it that way too. That’s where the name came from. My friends are very successful Gimkit players. One has a Youtube channel and the other is really good, giving him some practice. While I was, I was so so at Gimkit. That also was the reason I joined the forums. I am very happy with my decision too. I want to have my thumbnail be the thumbnail of an amazing popular game. I want to be there and show them what I can/have done. I have yet to have someone choose my thumbnail, but I’m hopeful. I have a feeling I am the only one calling themselves Cryaions awe siwy. They would know it’s me.

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