Renaming my map help me

so my map lazer mayzer is mostly a laser mase map but level six is not a laser mase any more so I want some new name ideas bc it is laser mase and not laser mase

device maze
maze of the many

What is level six then?

minigames like guess the item correctly beat the boss crafting…

“The Maze Games”

it is not only a mase

i know. i combined minigames with maze

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ok i will not mark one solution i want more idea

“Finding Fun”
yes so maybe idk

Lazer Maze, Level 6 Showdown?! XD

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Maze Masters?

idk lol

It should remain with the name it has until lvl 6 is completed. And if lvl 7+ is different from a laser filled lvl don’t change the title. If it is find the common feature between all lvls and make a name from that.


The Laser Minigames? Or Laser Games

can you explain this better? @WolfTechnology

I think what @WolfTechnology means is that if there’s a common theme the levels share or something that they all have in common, then name it after that (like if they all have lasers, you can name it like ‘The Laser Challenge’ or something (not very creative, I know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)).

Correct me if I’m wrong please : )

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ok panda only the first 5 are

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any other names???/

why don’t you make a separate game after you reach lvl. 5? I doesn’t make sense to completely change the game, especially if people are in the zone for lazer mazes.

The Walls are Lazers
Spiral of Lazers
Maze of 1,000 Lazers

I can’t think

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bc i do not have pass i do not want tp use my 2 otehr gms