Thumbnail anyone?

My game is very similar to The Pit- Free For All, made by geerzy in Fortnite, the theme is green and purple floors (instead of yellow and blue that is copying geerzy) with boardwalk walls to resemble builds. Gims you can use are Sketch (Graph Paper) and Riff. I will choose the best thumbnail if there are multiple. The winner will be featured in the credits of the game as thumbnail artist. Thank you for your help!


I might be able to make one. But not now.

When could you get it to me?

I will get started and send it soon
when do you need it by?

Preferably tonight but whenever you’re done.

wait so do you want falling gims with the weapons around them like this
The Pit - Free For All 4590-4493-7113 by geerzy - Fortnite
or do you want it 3D like this?

okay now I’m starting

Falling gims with the weapons would be awesome!!


I will try that might take me a few days.

Awesome. There will be no poll, I will just choose the winner.

is the name pit free for all?
you don’t want hand drawn right because I don’t do those

The GimPit- Free For All will be the name
No, digital for sure


I might be able to help :slight_smile:

Awesome! I need as many ideas as possible

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How is the work coming along?

I can make one just let me know if you like my style. If so use this format.

previously made ones

  • Thumbnail format


Main Gim:

Background:(just find a picture or describe it.)

other details:

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Do you want them photoshopped?

@Kraveez no chance I can finish it today. So I guess I can’t make one anymore

Same it would take me a week with school.

I can try and make one. I’ll get it to you by next week. (hopefully)

My work:

almost done but ur prob not awake so see it in the morning