Thumbnail anyone?

im awake


but is this your thumbnail?

can I add this for visual effect? (like its the actual game)
should I put copyright geerzy??


ok, so i finished the first part (i drew it) is it good? any changes I should make?
Screenshot 2024-03-28 6.44.55 AM
(this is the first time I ever drew something for a contest)

Okay is this good if not I can make another

should I add more weapons or something else? it seems dull

sorry its late I thought that I posted this a while ago

Yes awesome!
Topic: pvp free for all
Main Gim: any sort of battle themed gim you can use your imagination to create :smiley:
Background: a pit or sum similar to the thumbnail for the pit free for all in Fortnite
Add. Details: the main gim should be falling, weapons falling all around him

This is awesome! ………

do you prefer you Gimkit name, or your forums name?

Forums name is fine. Thanks!

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it is so hard to draw or find an image of a hole :<

never mind this post was a mistake sorry

That white area in the middle, can that have something occupying it? It could just be anything that looks cool

it took you so long to respond
and um the gradient blocks the back of the thumbnail so it will take a while to remove and add again
(you said you wanted it to be done the night you made this but you didn’t respond for like a week)
umm I’ll get started on it though
sorry it took me long to respond I thought you closed the topic

Sorry I didn’t need it done that night I was new and didn’t realize how long it took to make a thumbnail so again sorry

It seems like no one else is going to make a thumbnail, I am going to use @LOFINIGHT ’s and will credit him.

I can do it for you!
I use adobe photoshop
Got a lot of detail so I don’t need to ask :wink:

Work I've done

Bro, I am trying to make one can you unmark the solution?

Alright I will make a new topic!
Edit: I’ll just unmarked the solution done

Okay thanks send me a link