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Yeah so There’s a new Wiki version of this. Here’s the link:
[ :clipboard: ] Every Single Image in Gimkit

How do I edit it? It isn’t a wiki

wait how do I make it a wiki

You have to be TL3. Sorry. Maybe ask one of them to make it

I can just add them in as time goes on

Ok. Then remove the wiki tag.

Maybe also keep track of skin data too?

@JoeTheChicken, do you want me to make a wiki and say "all credit goes to @JoeTheChicken " or something?

Yeah that would be great!

What do you want me to make the title?

How About “[:clipboard:] Every Single Image in Gimkit”

You got it!

Can you link it once it is done. Also make sure it’s a Wiki.

Here it is!

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@JoeTheChicken, I suggest marking a solution to close this topic.

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