[ 📋 ] Every Single Image in Gimkit

All credit for this guide goes to @JoeTheChicken. Please do not edit this wiki, as it is his guide.

This a collection of all of the images in Gimkit! The links to all of the “Clipboards” are below. As more and more are created, they will be added here!

Where are the Images?

All of the images can be found in “Clipboards” down below (@twofoursixeight gave me the idea for the name). Click on the link and it will bring you to the page

[:clipboard: Weapons] Gimkit Image Clipboard

[:clipboard: Items] Gimkit Image Clipboard

[:clipboard: Terrain] Gimkit Image Clipboard

How can you help?

Well, by going into a Gimkit and adding things to the creative world, they will be added to the game’s sources. Go into the sources, copy the URL for the images, and paste them into the search bar, and you can copy the image from there! Here are the Copy-Pastes that need to be completed:

  • GUI
  • Props
  • Devices
  • Skins

If you have made a page, and want it to be added, link it in the comments! Make sure to tell me that you are making the page before you make it just in case I am currently making that page as well.

Extra Notes

Skins can be found on the Gimkit Wiki


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