Does anyone know how to make a tag clock?

I need to make a countdown kinda like tag where it shows

Run Away! 35s

Where it shows the numbers counting down. Does anyone know how to do that?

maybe an overly attached to a timer mechanism?
refreshing every second

I think there might be a guide on this

If so can you send me a link?

I just take a guess. sometimes it’s right. sometimes it’s not.

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You could also base it off of the block seconds since game start

How do you make a countdown with overlays - Help - Gimkit Creative

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Mark @CassiusDoomlorde post as the solution.

the guide says to do it the way first way i thought of

you can use the seconds into game block to count down or use property and a counter that counts once every second, and on count update property, and then in the popup/overlay, you can use the text blocks with the property inside to do countdowns

@JamesPotter , this is already solved.

@WolfTechnology, the new pfp’s :fire: .

@wingwave, can you tag this resolved


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