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In This Guide I’ll Present Every Timer/Clock I Can Make
============================================================================= Clocks/Timers Presented In This Guide (In Order):

  1. Countdown Timer (Game Overlay & Popup)
  2. Counter Clock (Idea By @gimmaster12345)
  3. FNAF Based Clock (Idea By @FersionSpeedy)
  4. [Comment Idea]
  5. [Comment Idea]
Countdown Timer
Counter Clock
FNAF Based Clock
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Ohh! Maybe one of them can help with the guide I am making!

I think it may be useful.

Make like a clock system, like the clock system in FNAF.

I Hope It Does, And Thanks For The Advice! Guides For Me Are A Pain To Make…

Are you planning to provide a guide or just to list timer types?

For the record, the first would be a duplicate and the second is uneeded.

Also, please stop typing with the first letter of every word capitalized.

*Wdym? *What do you mean?

Add a counter clock

I’m Not Done Yet and gosh, why do people care about how I spell?

What I was thinking of, is making a sort of timer? If that is possible. And honestly, it doesn’t matter how you spell. @Chris10

Thanks! Good Idea! Idea added

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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(I do know what wdym means, no need to say the meaning.)

Search up FNAF in google. (or bing, or yahoo, or whatever search engine you use)

I Know About FNAF, But I’m Saying, How Does It Work?

There’s a couple of guides you could use that have information about timers if you want to search them up. Are you planning on adding instructions for making them?

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Yes, And Thanks! I’m Going To Check When Needed

The game begins when it’s 12 AM, and you have to survive until 6 AM

There’s like a clock showing what game time it is right now and how long you survived

The countdown timer is what I can use in my guide which is a W.I.P.
My guide: How to make a working kitchen ( Difficulty 2/10 or 🟩)

The “Seconds into game” block could be added, and modified to standard min:sec

Why did you link my comment?
Okay, you fixed it