This Forum is for Gimkit Creative Only

There has been a surge of irrelevant content on this forum, and we would like to clean up our act.


Lately, I, and probably you too, have noticed a lot of irrelevant content on this forum. I want to remind everyone that this forum is meant only for discussions related to Gimkit Creative, and not for Gimkit XP or any other updates. Please keep in mind that off-topic replies and posts will not be tolerated, and they will be flagged. Jeffo himself has mentioned that P.S.A.s and F.A.s are also considered off-topic and contribute to cluttering the forum.

The Message(s)


There are too many things on the forum as of right now. This forum is for looking for Gimkit Creative questions. Thus, posting these PSAs and forum guides are not helping. None of those are even doing any favors, and creating clutter.

What Can I Do?

  • Post fewer off-topic replies or posts. This will reduce clutter.
  • Remind others to stay on-topic. This will help others know not to off-topic posts.
  • Flag any off-topic content when necessary to staff. This will help with clearing up “gunk” from the topics, helping others reach their goal.
  • Consider reading the Terms of Service and FAQ.
  • Avoid posting PSAs or FAs! These topics are allowed, but we are going to take a pause on them, due to them being repetitive and cluttering up the forum

Not trying to be rude, but I feel like we’re slowly just reinventing the TOS and FAQ, one psa at a time.


Hey, you’re right! The problem is that nobody ever reads either one because no one knows how to get to either.


Now let’s stay on-topic, especially on this guide.


Have you read the TOS or FAQ? Its just the same ol’ thing from the discourse meta forums standard edition thingy TOS and FAQ except a few things are inserted in. The blue banner also shows information, but totally not enough.

So, of course I would make a PSA about it. What’s the diddly-dom problem then? Oh, I know. Its already been made. What about this post? I found it while scrolling through some stuff and I am astonished that barely anyone acknowledges it.

The opposing side may state that there is a low chance of this post being read, but they are wrong. My claim states that these two posts have equal chance of being read as both are guides that are both PSAs and both created in the same environment. In fact, this one may be read even more as it is frequently spread out.

These PSAs are like, all the same. There are around 30 of them based on the tag, and a lot of them are just duplicates of each other.

At least the art and creative community made guides are good enough for me.


That is exactly why I made that guide. You can add that, if you want.


I meant that the Welcome to the Forums topic would be more frequently read.

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What if someone created a website like the wix but for forum tips and whenever a new user asks about one of these things we give them the link.

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The guide is locked and unlisted, you might want to edit it out.

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Whoops, it was a PM. Sorry about that. Edited now.


I removed the details section as well since it was unrelated.


Ok, sure.


@wingwave May I add some bold titles as well to group the post together and details about the PM?

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Yeah, sure! Thanks for helping the forum!


Great guide! This is necessary in these troubling times.


Did I really say that?

Also burmp.


Bump this guide because it’s so true :frowning:



Well, we lost Haiasi. Looking at your bio, we’re gonna lose you soon. Well, I would just like to say. O7 Wingwave and Haiasi, O7. :saluting_face: :slightly_frowning_face:

Theres nothing here, nothing. Represents where the forum might go soon.

This is somewhat a duplicate of Jeffo’s rules: Gimkit Creative Forum Rules

I tagged those with official as well

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I’ve forgotten about that post :0

@Txme_Lxss not done yet. there’s still lots for me to do. just something i wanted to say

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