Answering or teaching?

I recently have noticed comments about: We shouldn’t get more advanced in gimkit too fast, it could cause the forum to die because more and more young gims will not understand everything we are discovering. (Pharaphrased)

This is true! Even though it’s great we keep doing so much and discovering so much, it has a downside. So what will we do? We’re not going to stop discovering, so then what?! Simple, we will not answer questions asked, by young gims. You’re probably like “Wait…what?!? Then what’s the point of asking anymore!?!” It is understandable. No, I am not saying we’ll stop helping young gims, just that we won’t be answering their questions directly. What does this mean?

Instead of telling young gims exactly what to do: we’ll help them perceive what they need to do to answer their questions. This will enable younger gims to find answers to their questions on their own, without our help. Therefore, more gims will become experienced in a new way, for a new era is upon is. We must take into consideration that many older and wiser gims have left because we give off all the answers. We need to j0in together and teach younger gims how to answer their own questions, not answer their questions. Guides are a great example of teaching.

Guides are guides on how to do certain things. When answering don’t answer the question, but guide the person to the correct result, like guides!

Credits: Me, Gimkit team, and @Thats_Gimpossible



Didn’t jeffo say that we need to take a break of PSA because of the clutter?

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PSAs are not allowed on the forum anymore.

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Ooop. Sorry, I had no idea. I wasn’t aware of that.

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Yes things have changed, big time. And some of the reasons I know, and some idk.

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Yes, Jeffo is not allowing PSAs anymore due to clutter.

For Wolf Technology

@Jeffo can I create one last FA saying that PSAs and FAs are no longer allowed? (Going to get permission before I do anything so I don’t add to the clutter)

Yes, please, it would help lol.


Kinda ironic though…

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I’m going to wait for a green light from @jeffo before I do anything because I do not want to contribute to the clutter or get flagged for being off-topic.

How did you send a PM to @Jeffo? I need to in order to ask about whether I can make one last FA saying that PSAs and FAs are no longer allowed.


You message the mods, but please give him time to fix the damage done by the community and my self for causing.


How exactly do I message the mods? I honestly have idea how to do it.

Only for @WolfTechnology

Yeah I want to make easier for him by reducing the off-topic flags of PSAs and FAs.

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Guys, let’s stop mentioning Jeffo. You’re sending a lot of useless notifications.


A few clarifications:

1.) If you read my note, I didn’t say PSAs aren’t allowed. I’ll be keeping those that are helpful for new folx and focused on Gimkit Creative. I’ve also kept a few that are helpful for the basics of using this forum. I’ll continue removing those that are redundant, unnecessary, and too focused on the forum and not creative. If you have to ask yourself whether a PSA is worth posting, it probably isn’t.

2.) I never said to WolfTechnology or anyone else that I received hateful or rude messages. The messages I received were mostly very thoughtful and polite. The message from me to WT that was shared above is the full extent of the note I sent to WT. The problem wasn’t the content of the messages, it was the volume. The forum cannot be a drain on my time, or we’ll have to shut it down.

I LOVE that you all love it so much. I’d like to encourage you to worry less about who posts what on this forum (I often get 60-100 flags daily) and worry more about what you post here. The rules are crazy simple: “Post questions and answers to help people use Gimkit Creative.” That’s it! Stick to that and stop worrying about everyone else so much (that’s my job) and we’ll be fine! Thank you all!