Thirst Bar [1/10 or 🟦]

Hi! Today i will be showing you how to make a gimkit thirst-bar and dying when you have 0 thirst! By making this simple thirst-bar you can make a hunger bar as well! Here is what you will need!

  • Life-cycle 2x
  • Item manager 1x
  • Starting Inventory 1x
  • Repeater 2x
  • Game Overlay 1x
  • Item Granter 1x
  • Checker 1x
  • Team Switcher 1x
    Lets get started!
Step 1 : Thirst and settings

Lets start by setting up our devices like this! this way we can see our devices clearly and our wires clearly! (The Game overlay is meant for the water AKA thirst bar it can be out of 10 or out of 100 the possibilities are endless!)

Lets make it so as soon as the game you start losing thirst. Like in the real world! Lets get into our first wire!
Life-cycle (Event occurs) —> Repeater (Start Repeater)

Now lets link/wire our repeater to the item granter with granter -1 water at a certain interval. I set my interval so every 5 seconds I lose thirst. You can edit this your self anyway!

Here are the settings i’m using. You can copy these or you can make your own every 15 seconds you lose 2 thirst or every 10 seconds you lose 1 there is so many possibilities to choose from!
Screenshot 2023-12-19 7.36.28 PM
Now that we have everything set up for the draining of our thirst, we are now going to set up the dehydration! go to the next hidden detail to continue!

Step 2 : Dehydration

You made it to the easiest step and the final one! Lets learn how to make it so we die after we dehydrate AKA after 0 water/thirst) Lets start by putting down a checker,life-cycle and, a team switcher and these will be the settings for the checker and the team switcher.

Lets wire the life cycle to the repeater with the .5 interval! So every half-second it always checks if you have 0 thirst.

Now lets wire the repeater to the checker so it is always running and never stopping until you have been knocked out/died.

For the final wire! Wire the checker to the team switcher so when the checker see that you have 0/10 thirst it knocks you out into spectator mode!

:confetti_ball: You did it! :confetti_ball:

You have finished the tutorial! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you could vote please vote here

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wow, Nice guide @Darkz341! it’ll be usefull for surviving games!

Sorry, I am pretty sure I’m the only one on


Why are there so many guides about this… Good btw…

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Nice guide! Maybe make it so that when you have 0/insert number here thirst, slowly lose health!

My pea brain while typing this

O shoot. I forgot about the negative health granters. Then maybe a timer on an overlay and when the time gets to 0, you die?


Negative health granter, if anything, is pseudo health, right?


ehh. but if ph (psuedo-health) were to be in a survival game, everyhting would be needed to be changed to ph


Yep. And that’s a huge pain in the head to do. Pseudo health is hard.
(help I’m not allowed to post the word for your bottom but like what’s in the actual setting)

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you’re tying to say pain in the but? (w/ 2 t’s)

getting a lil’ off-topic here…

yep lol
Anyway, back on topic, this is a great guide! There are multiple of these kinds of things though…

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??? when i saw the 3rd post by blizzy i think, i searched up “thirst” in the seach bar, and all i found was this.

I think Blizzy was talking about Energy Bar/Survival Bar guides as well as they share a similar concept.


noice guide!

Nice! This would be helpful for hunger games maps so we can make them die of dehydration

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Good guide!

Bumpity bump bump bumpity bump bump loook at frosty GO!!!

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