Think before you make an off-topic opinionated post


Basically, what I mean is that if you’re going to make an off-topic post that you know people might have opinions on, don’t make it.

If you’re going to say “guys, let’s bring this to the wixsite after”, then WHAT WAS THE POINT OF MAKING THE POST ON THE FORUMS IN THE FIRST PLACE? These posts belong somewhere else, come on!

And, from personal experience, even if a post has a slight opinion, people like me will still want to respond.

What to do if you see one of these:

Flag it for being off-topic.

I’ve made the mistake of continuously replying to these when you shouldn’t, and it’s risky for your account.

Off-topic is just anything that doesn’t have to do with creative, like the item shop, or banana cats. It’s annoying, I know, but look what happened in July. Someone got their account deleted.

And yes, I know I’m not the person who deserves to make this post, as a frequent off-topic poster myself, but I can’t not make it, you know?


  • Don’t make off-topic opinionated posts
  • Don’t reply to these
  • Flag them for being off-topic

-@mysz out.


But sometimes when you blame it on someone but they didn’t actually do it, they may do the following:

  1. Flag you
  2. Continue the argument
  3. (i just forgot ;-; )

But if you say sorry to them quickly though, they may just continue the arugment and make it worse or forgive them.

Although there are such things called Flame Wars.

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Blame what on someone?

Let’s just make an example about 2 people on a arguement:

Joe Mama
Joe Dada

When they both were on an argument, Joe Mama says “WHY DID YOU START THIS!?” but Joe dada didn’t actually start it.


Simple. Joe Dada shouldn’t have kept the argument going (if this is the case).

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Thanks for posting this @mysz ! I haven’t been on the forum for that long and this problem has just escalated. Thanks for making that public. The forum should be for tutorials and questions about gimkit creative only. Not Just RANDOM CRAP!


Sometimes when the forums go dead or some random topic gets really boring, people start to be off-topic.

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Yeah seriously. That happens a lot.

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But the mods give the people who got off-topic a chance because the forums was dead, and there wouldn’t be a reason to ban them when the forums are dead.

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yeah I make a lot of off-topic posts sometimes sry guys :expressionless:

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What you can do:

#1: If you’re the owner of the post, mark a solution (even if there is none) to stop the argument. Otherwise, try asking the owner to mark a solution too.

#2: If it’s a community made guide, NEVER respond to the post and flag the argumented posts.

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Yeah, that happens to me to…:sweat_smile:

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@mysz maybe make this a psa?


Nice psa!


Could you refrain from using that word? Some people might be a lot younger than you, and not everybody is ok with that kind of language. Thank you.


What happens if I make a post with no intentions for a flame war.


Just flag whatever started it, and don’t say anything. You might thing you are holding the extinguisher, but you could be holding the kerosene.


That’s fire man.

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I learned from cooking to never play with fire. Just put it out.


Did you learn anything?