Things to spice up your platformer maps

This is a wiki/guide on how to spice up your platformer maps.
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Animation is a cool way in which you can make props move throughout gimkit creative worlds. There are many creative ways to add animation. Animation in your Platformer maps will be a cool way.

Example of Animation and how to make it

So first take out a water barrel:
Screenshot 2024-04-21 7.54.32 PM
Next put a zone about the size of the barrel:
Screenshot 2024-04-21 7.55.10 PM
Then put a second water barrel but diagonally and not active when the game starts:
Screenshot 2024-04-21 7.59.20 PM
Screenshot 2024-04-21 7.58.46 PM
After connect the zone to the first barrel:

And then connect the zone to the second barrier:

After all that, take out the dirt prop that’s been tinted into a color closet to light blue and make it not visible when the game starts:
Finally connect the zone to the dirt:

Note: Make sure the barrel is in the players way so the players has to touch it.

Slideable barriers

The Slideable barriers help you slide down in your platform maps.

Example of slideable barriers


You can use teleporter devices in your platformer map to annoy the players by sending them back to where they started unless they jump over the invisible teleporter.

Examples of Teleporters and how to make them

First make a small platform where the players start at:
Secondly place a teleporter at the start of the small platform:
Next change the teleporter’s settings to:

Then take out a 2nd teleporter and place it at top of the small platform:
Finally change the 2nd teleporter’s settings to:

Overlay that makes you respawn

Place down a game overlay, put these settings into it.

Then use a channel because wires are a monstrosity because wires are not memory efficient and name the channel “respawn” or whatever
Then, use a respawn device and put these settings into it



I don’t have the ticket atm, so no pictures sorry

Try adding a huge barrier with no collision as a background to fit the maps theme!
ex. A black barrier and another one over everything with a .60 transparency to make a “night”

Flashing Steps

I don’t have the ticket, but I know this would work so well! Using some good ol animation, you can make barriers flash on and off, forcing the player to time their jumps at the right time! (Also, now it’s at 10 likes! :smiley: )

(Captain-Gim and Wolftechnology works)

Making good caves

By Captain-Gim and WolfTechnology. (Cap wrote this, but Wolftechnology helped with the map (I also didn’t wanna see a bunch of triangles so I separted the sections)). Whenever you make a cave there are so many fun ways to make it. For example,
Screenshot 2024-04-22 8.21.29 AM

You can do this list of things to help with your map:

  • Use barriers with a slight black tint to create a dark cave. (Image 1)
  • Use barriers to help with glowing in the cave, too. (Image 1)
  • To make glow berry vines you can use dark corn stalks and green ailen plants with the item image orange. (Image 1)
  • Use barriers that get darker and darker as you go back in the cave. This makes it seem like the cave is big and goes deep. (Image 2)

To make a rollarcoaster you can use metal poles as the frames and then put wooden ones under them as a support. You can also make a train kart that uses black wooden wheelbarrels and sheilds. The one we have here is also animated so you can ride it. It then falls off into the Witched road.

Outside decoration

Make some floating islands with waterfalls on the edges to make it look nice and pretty. You also need to randomly place flowers and maybe one or two park benches as well to make it seem like a peaceful setting. Don’t forget the trees of course.
Building buildings tip: you can not add a barrier behind the terrian to make it look open aired and sorta outside behind the sky. This makes it seems like the outside and inside are kind of connected.





adding an overlay that will respawn you if clicked is also really great!


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@THEHACKER120 what if you added some dash jumps that you HAD to click a dash overlay to get farther

Overlay Clicked → Speed 2.0x
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