Things to spice up your platformer maps

Amazing! Cool wiki, @THEHACKER120!
It’s good to see this so developed and structurally complete!
I’ll try to add something later!


Wow nice guide @THEHACKER120
Heheheh rating time:
What I liked:
Creative and unique
What could’ve been better:
This was a wiki and a bunch of people contributed to it

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Reusable Bump

Oh, no! I fell from Summit 2: Coral Climb, and I bumped the ground. :laughing:


what level am i att if i can edit other peoples posts

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ohhhhhh its a wiki, nevermind

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which is better

  • wiki
  • non-wiki
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Cool guide
I liked the roller coasters

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A few ideas:

  • Popup at the beginning with two calls to action, one allows checkpoints, and the other disables them. (also could disable overlay)
  • Many platforms spaced out in a dropper area or other area: some of these platforms will disappear when the player steps on them, and you need to guess which platformer doesn’t disappear.
  • add sentries and lasers to build tension or make a challenge
  • popup at the beginning to disable or enable educational mode: need energy from questions to move around.
  • leaderboard based on altitude, would probably need to use a zone checkpoint system.
  • Floor is lava system with lasers to make a more unique game
  • maybe a wall of dynamic blocks to make it more interactive
  • cleverly use props: for example, use groundbreaking plant to make a hard jump from one tendril to another. Use clouds as platforms, with the space above as a futuristic part
  • Have multiple paths that all lead to the same destination, one is easier but takes longer, other is harder but is shorter.
  • use invisible barrier as a platform.
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Creative ideas, might add some of those into the guide.

Nice guide! I may use that bridge in one of the pictures sometime.

i haven’t seen this before? huh. nice guide!

Thx for 25 likes @eiqcrmeliutgwhc

your welcome

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