They respawn when they get eliminated

How do you make it so players don’t respawn when they get knocked out and they are forced to spectate.

lifecycle (player knocked out) → team switcher (spectators)
make the wire be event occurs → switch player to configured team

and PLEASE search before you post


How do you make it so when there is one player left the game ends?

How to make the game end at 1 player! 1/10. (No property or block code.)
sEaRcH before you post!!!


Just in case, not trying to be mean, but if you don’t what it means to search before you post, you search for a community made guide before you post.

Nothing showed up when I did.

Never needed this info any way

then why did you ask in the first place if you don’t need the info?
it seems a bit rude to ask for help then just say “oop i don’t need it”

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