These Glitches on Gim. Creative (Anythinger)

Take a look at the “Help” section in the forums. Take a look.
Don’t you see something weird? :thinking:
It happens to be that most of the solutions are to reload or restart your computer.
Why is that?

It may be because it is laggy. Try removing unnecessary devices.

You also may have reacted too fast to the game. This will confuse Gimkit and wiill result in a bug.

In addition it may be that you have too many tabs are open. Try closing the ones you absolutely do not need!
Ever switched tabs on your computer and when you come back to Creative, it doesn’t let you click on anything?
My solution is to reload. Once you do this, try to keep the tab you need on the same desk as Gimkit Creative.

That’s all for now.
If you have any other problems, I can put them here.
Regs, pls feel free to edit this.


Regulars can’t edit other’s posts. We can only rename topics and change the category and tags of a topic.

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then how can i make it so that people can edit?

I set it as a wiki.

You can’t. Regulars can create wikis, but your topic doesn’t really need that anyway.

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So u mean this is fine enough

have suggestions?

Yes, it’s good. Besides, people can just comment, and you can add it yourself.



me will stp talking

Not calling this a copy, but this already exists…

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Why does it say Anythinger (RIP)

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It’s giving credit.

Ok. It would make more sense to put it in the guide, though.