The ULTIMATE Guide to House Interiors

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In this TUG, I will be sharing designs for various interior rooms. Currently, there are only 3, but I’ll make more soon.

What makes a good Interior?

1. Front-facing Props: Props that are the wrong direction don’t look very good. You should have much detail at the bottom of your build, as that’s likely where people are walking around.

2. Depth: If you look at the window, there are multiple layers of depth. Just adding the ice there doesn’t make it look good. You need things to look at to make it 3D.

3. Decoration: It doesn’t matter what decoration you add. It could be the smallest of things, anything helps. A little mouse hole or a potted plant, for instance.

Living Room

TV: Use a regular TV for the screen and make a border around it. Fill in the gap with wooden poles. use shields as the knobs and another TV for the plate. The bottom of the regular TV creates a holder for the antenna at the top, which you can place metal poles (tinted) in.

Window: Use ice and wooden poles to create a window and frame. Making a smaller pole on the bottom adds more depth to the window. Windows aren’t just used in the living room, though. You can add them anywhere you want.

Shelves: Use wooden poles and decorate with codices and flowers

Couch / Armchair: Use briefcases as the outer padding and cutting boards as the cushions. Make the top cutting boards extrude out and tint them a bit darker.


Cabinet: Use 2 tables (1 facing up, 1 facing down) to make the box. Add transparent wooden poles with smaller black tinted wooden poles to make the individual drawers.

Oven: Do the same thing as the cabinet, but make the bottom 2 poles opaque and add some circles as knobs for the controls. Use another pole to make the top of the oven.

Fridge: Do the same thing as the cabinet, but remove the individual drawers, and make the handle vertical.

Sink: Use the space trash that matches the one above for the faucet, and rotate it 180 degrees to make the knobs.

Trash Can: Use a glass cup and fill in the transparent area with a barrier.


Sink: Same as Kitchen

Mirror: Like the window from before, but use metal poles.

Toilette: Start off like the trash can. Use a glass cup and fill in the area with a barrier. Add 2 plates to make the bowl and the lid of the toilette.

Bath / Shower: Use a metal sign to make the outside and metal poles as the framing. Use space trash to create the shower head and faucet. Use a barrier to make the water.


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Cool chicken kitchen design.
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amazing guide

good luck with the bathroom toliet :pray: :pray: :pray:
I can never get the bottom right
mine ended up looking like a helicopter that can flush

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…not to be rude but how do you mess up a toliet that bad lol

Woah. I’m super impressed with the room designs. Especially the tv. That looks super good!

Well, I can make one, just one question, does it need to have depth or can It be 2-D?
PS: Here’s my t0ilet:


I mean 2d kinda looks weird but I guess there’s no other way

Hmm, yes, your right, alr, gimme like 5 minutes, and I should have a 3-d one.
Never mind, I need to have lunch. I’ll still try to make it.

Don’t judge it.


great guide @JoeTheChicken!!!

it could use some improvements. not like I can do any better though.

I’ll find a better way to make it. Barriers have their limits.

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dang, good job. this must’ve taken hours.

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nope. 30 minutes max


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this masterpiece? wow.


yeah. you just gotta not look at the props at face value.

oh yeah any other rooms I should make? There’s already a bed for a bedroom so I don’t really want to do that.