📜 The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Decorations

What do you mean change forms? I mean you could change your bio lore to say you’re a wizard, which would mean you can assume virtually any form.

You can go from Dragon to wizard. I am just Drakon. Also, can we be allies? You can allie with DAB but I won’t j0in.

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Technically, it’s the other way around - as a Wizard I can assume any form. :rofl:

Sure! You’re the Wizard Council’s first ally! :man_mage: Ok - do you know anyone who might like to join?


Wow! It’s been so long since I’ve been here!
I’m going to give this a :bear: bear bump™ :bear: !
Because others need to add more stuff, in my opinion…


Everyone that is @here, I have an announcement.
:memo: Do not go to the :gift: Holiday Art Wiki to add your art. You can them here now.
I removed and closed the topic because it’d be easier to have everything here.

This gets the

:sparkles: PROPS SEAL OF APPROVAL :sparkles:


:bear: Bear bump™ :bear:
Let’s add some more holidays guys!