📜 The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Decorations

Never said I didn’t. Just trying to prevent it from happening more.

That’s allowed, I think.

yeah. you can add it.


Yes what?

Controversial is like, how do I explain this.

It’s like a topic with heated sides. Example, furries are controversial (NOT SAYING I HATE THEM, I DONT SUPPORT OR HATE FURRIES AS LONG AS THEY ARE NICE,) as some people see them as strange weirdos who need to get their life in order, and some see them as chill role players who shouldn’t get that hate.


But it is not @GimSolver’s job to tell us to add it. Only @California_Love can.

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For some reason my notification system is broken… right now…

Lets vote

If a topic gets argued about a lot (and gets really bad )should we remove it from the guide?
  • Yes
  • No
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(Like to the point when people are saying really offensive things)

What a controversial random poll, lol. But I think we need to agree that we all need to somehow do it. What about the guide though? Tell the OG poster I guess to repost his guide, or it’s gonna be WIPED.


I don’t understand the poll

So I say yes.

Maybe I’ll make a argumentative scale. I’ll do it tomorrow, no stealing.

But basically if its bad, take it down, but ask OG poster before you ask someone to do it to repost.

Okay, back to my question.
@California_Love can I add National pride day?

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Txme’s argumentative Scale

  1. It’s just a small argument. Grammar police moment. Ex. some person says helo. Random person, “Do you mean hello?”
  2. It’s a bit heated. Adding a bit more to it.
  3. It’s getting even more heated. Both sides are developing a argument slowly, but not much still.
  4. 3, but slightly more heated.
  5. It’s kind of bad, not considered flame war yet.
  6. Ok, it’s now a flame war, it’s developing bad, like gasoline into a fire… maybe it’s like 30 replies of an argument.
  7. 45 replies of pure argument. It’s getting bad and heated…
  8. 75 replies of pure argument. Oh no, someone get the mods in here…
  9. I’ll say this is gimsolvers alt controversy where it’s at. It’s gonna get someone BANNED soon, demoted, and more. it’s horrible.
  10. Someone get Jeffo.

Like the Richter Scale, but yeah, that seems about right!

Um, what?




did i just find?

COUGH The WW1 thing was not known.


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Oh wait, I knew what happend obout the serb assasanation thing but not on that date.

But I still want to add pride day.

For religious holidays, could I put “Atheist Day”? It’s the first Thursday of May

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That counts. That is a holiday.

Maybe I could add Feb 14, national Aromantic day.