[ 📜 ] The Ultimate Guide to Every Device Part 2!

You forgot the camera view…

it’s because there are no settings, there’s nothing to add.

Untrue. This is just sad how you misuse the camera, you even got my topic removed, what do you have against cameras? Did something traumatic happen with them when you were young?

Some of the devices that aren’t mentioned here are already in TUGTED 1.

Whoa, @GimSolver, is that TripTriop from Prodigy for your profile picture?

Sorry for getting off-topic, but I just realized it.

Prodigy was my life. It still is…

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Oh, yeah, forgot about that…

this is amazing :smiley:

there are more devices which are new ones

They hit the character limit for the 1st one.

The vending machine section isn’t finished in the first part…

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Well, I’m making a Nature-of for Vending Machines! That’ll help!

Bumper car BumpBumpBumpBumpBumpBump

It’s already in TUGTED 1. Look at the 2nd device.

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Hello? How are you doing?

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Is it fine if I make the change the images to have no background?


Bumping pi’s guide because they’re cool.


hey again!
how’s the game development going? still looking for ideas for new gems?
would be happy to come up with some more suggestions for ya if you wanna:)

Why are you asking this here? This is a catalog of all devices, not some sort of development post.