The Ultimate Guide to Building a House

Most of us like having homes. So, I’m guessing Gims do too. This is a guide on how to make a basic house. I’ll follow up with other types of houses in later posts because I only have the patience for one at a time :slight_smile:
Check out this guide by my other account for ideas. @I_Like_Props’ guide compilation will be shown too.

Top Stuff to Put In Your Map

[ :scroll: ]The Ultimate Guide to Unique Things to Add to your Map!

The Entrance

For the entrance, I usually put a door with an invisible button and a teleportal. Use channels to make it so that when you press the button, you get teleported to the actual “house” (an area in space that seems like the house interior). When you get inside, put a little room with a coral rug (credits to @I_Like_Props) and an empty bookshelf like a shoe rack.
Screenshot 2023-11-14 3.56.28 PM

Living Room

Put sofas and television. You can put a coral rug if you want. Doges are also good (from Top Stuff to Put In Your Map) if you want a pet element. Plants go in the corners.
Screenshot 2023-11-14 3.57.20 PM


Use marble flooring, and some water terrain surrounded by barriers as the toilet. Patches of water can also be the sink and bathtub. For sink/showerheads, use my design with water forks, metal cans, and metal poles. The more in-depth explanation for that is in Maddy’s guide.
Screenshot 2023-11-14 4.01.48 PM

Adult Bedroom

Coral/Grass rugs are essential to creating a bedroom vibe. Medieval beds are the best for this, and put two next to each other as the "master bed’. Molten Lava Buckets are good nightlights, and you can use a Codex on the bedside table for decor.

Little Kid Bedroom

I suggest using Concrete on Layer 3, and Cinema Carpet on Layer 4 to ensure the nice border of the carpet stays. Another medieval bed, only one, and a nightlight are nice. A bookshelf can rest in the corner, along with some random items as toys. A desk could be in the corner, with papers and a Laptop as homework.
Screenshot 2023-11-14 4.04.52 PM


Use Dark Marble terrain. Then, you can add the Fish Pot etc from Maddy’s guides. Fruit boxes in the corner, a cutting board, a table, a fork, and a spoon are all good additions. Remember, the dining room should be close by.
Screenshot 2023-11-14 4.05.52 PM

Dining Room

You can use any table you want to use, and any chair. If you want to, you can send everything to Below Players, and put ceramic plates with fish, broccoli, etc. Cheese plates and apple baskets are also good for the table. For a modern feeling, I would use either stools or Purple Seats with the regular table. For a rustic feeling, I would use the wooden version of these. Wooden spoons, forks, etc.


A device I use for the closet is a camera view, so that it seems cut off from everywhere else. Scatter cardboard boxes, empty wooden boxes, broken glass, and the occasional bread stick to create an abandoned, dusty feeling.
Screenshot 2023-11-14 4.07.19 PM


Same as the closet, and I like to use something similar to the entrance. In the house, have a door with a hidden button, and when you press it you get teleported to the “basement”. Cardboard boxes, speckled gray or space rock terrain, whatever you can do to make it sad.
Screenshot 2023-11-14 4.09.41 PM


This will just be the area outside the house. Use Grass terrain with some flowers for color. Then, you can put a garden with dirt terrain, flowers, buckets, and shovels. You can Wooden Fence to surround the yard.

And there you have it! A basic house. Thanks for enduring my babbling and a heart would be very much appreciated :heart:
Also check out similar guides made by @Chong and @WhereIsMyHat made before I made mine.


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