The Ultimate guide on how to make an atlantis city! 🌊 0/10

I was going to make this on my how-to make different biomes guide, but this was a long process. The Ultimate guide on how to make an Atlantis city:
At first, you start with making the terrain sand. ( I made the whole map sand. ) Then you make barrier blocks, and have them be different colours of grey. ( I did dark grey, regular grey, and light grey. ) Make it look similar to this:
Screenshot 2024-02-05 3.29.51 PM
Then add 6 different stone columns, ( 3 on each side. ) and make them different types, like this:

Then add some coral in some different spots. ( Does not matter where. ) Add some rocks in some places and a little bit of moss. You should have something similar to this:

Then, what you do next is make the houses. You are going to use this guide: How to make a Shack
Credit to @gimkit_h4ck3r
Make the wood a different colour, and add at least 5 shacks. Make them go along a line like this:

Add some coral and rocks around the houses, and add a few alien plants around the place to look like seagrass. To add a better touch, add a few fish emojis! :fish: Then you have a beautiful Atlantis city!

End products:

There is two of these. :arrow_up: One with 3 and this with 2.



I like the idea of a underwater city
btw: all art guides are 0/10


Really cool! I like how (this is probably an accident) the bricks look like shadows from fish in this image:


So I should just make this guide a 0/10?

yeah, why isn’t that an option on the poll.

I fixed the thing so now it is a 0/10. :slight_smile:

nice, but also note that maybe you should tint everything blue using a blue barrier to give the underwater effect


Atlantis city


Isn’t Atlantis an undewater city?
Why is it on sand?

It’s not on sand. Its because underwater has some sand in it too, so I figured it would give a unique look.

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I recommed what eiqcrmeliutgwhc said, use a tinted barrier to make it look like water.

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I read the comments to say this lol

There is sand at the bottom of the ocean? SMH :laughing:

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Awesome! You finally got it together again, huh.

So proud of that! This looks so cool and this is all what gimkit creative is all about, letting your imagination flow.

Once again, great Guide!


I don’t think that people pay much attention to the sand at the bottom of the ocean.


Also i notice i am not on your list of cool people :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :cry:

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:slight_smile: Im surprised you would actually look at that. Imma add you to it.


I do, I pay close attention to the creatures under the surface, the mystery of the deep, always eluding mankind, alas, the answer we will never know… This guide is very easy to read and very respectable. I do believe that this is- BUMP in backround I hit my ink pot, the ink is everywhere! The trials of being a quill. Sigh


Looks really good, I’m never the kind of art person, maybe I can put it in my map , I just can’t think of a good fit in my map

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hi @leo_flowers how do I get barrier blocks

except for the rly hard ones like da bicycle horse thingy