The ULTIMATE Gimkit Creative Beginner Handbook!


This is a guide to walk beginners through everything to get you started on making your Dream World. From Battle Royales, to Survival Games, to anything you can think of! So without further or do, let’s get started!

Section 1 - An Introduction to Gimkit Creative

So, what is Gimkit Creative?
In Gimkit Creative, you can create your own maps! You can team up with as many as 60 other players to build and play your own designs! To start using Gimkit Creative, go to Gimkit - live learning game show and click ‘Creative’.

Section 2 - Creating a new map

To create a new map, click ‘Create New Map’. And a popup will appear that looks like this:
2024-05-02 18_48_58-Gimkit Creative
First you want to choose a Map Name, You can name it anything you want, Anything you want. Then, choose the Map Style, As you can see there are 2 Map Styles. Top Down and Platformer, a Top Down map is what you would see on the first 2D game modes, you can move in every direction in this Map Style. A Platformer is as its name suggests, you can move from left to right AND you can double jump! For this guide we will focus on the ‘Top Down’ map style. If you want a guide to Platforming, check this guide out:

Section 3 - The UI

When the map loads, you will be presented with this (oooooooooo name reveal shocker, i don’t care)

In the Top Right, you will see the ‘Add’ Tab, this is how you will add objects, devices, terrain, props and wires into your game.
In the bottom right, you will see ‘Start Game’, this is how you, wait for it, start the game :exploding_head:.
In the bottom left you will see the Options Tab, this tab is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for customizing your game and making it Unique.
In the Top Left you will see 2 buttons; the Erase Tab and the Layer Tab. They are pretty Straightforward looking at the name.
And in the Top Center you will see the Map Code, as I mentioned earlier, you can host lobbies up to 60 players without the need for Gimkit Pro!

Section 4.0 - Add

As mentioned before, the Add Tab lets you add devices, terrain, props, and wires into your game! When you click on the tab you will be shown this:

We will go through each sub-category one by one.

Section 4.1 - Terrain

The Terrain Tab is where you can add tiles to make your game more versatile and Unique.
When you click on the Tab, this will show:

When you click a tile, the tile you clicked will spawn and lock on your mouse cursor
The Settings (In the bottom right) will let you change the Layer Order, how many tiles you place (The formula

is [Brush Size]x[Brush Size]). And underneath you can select weather you want it to be a Wall (Has Collision) or a Floor (Has No Collision).

Section 4.2 - Props

The second subcategory is Props. Props are used for Filling in missing gaps in your map. Without them, your game would look very empty and quite boring. When you click onto the tab, you will be presented with this:

Here you can design you map with any prop you want, here are some suggestions for certain Props for certain environments (Inspirational Purposes Only):

Section 4.3 - Devices

The Devices Tab is helpful for setting up game mechanics, when you click on the tab, you will be show this:

This tab has 4 other subcategories:
Starting Devices - Devices you may need for every map
Inventory Devices - Devices to manage what items and resources players have
Interaction Devices - Devices to create rich interactions with the player
New Devices - Devices that were just added to Gimkit Creative

Section 4.4 - Wires

Wires are the final subcategory for the Add Tab, they are used for connecting 2 devices together to trigger something when the wired device does something. When you click on the tab, this will show:

You are going to need 2 devices to wire up, here is an example:
Here in this example I have wired a Button to this barrier device.

The wire UI shows that when the button is pressed, the barrier will disappear.

Play around with this and you will soon understand how to use this device at its maximum potential.

Section 5 - Erasing

In the real world, we use erasers to erase our mistakes, that applies to GKC as well. In the Top Left, you will see an eraser, when you click it, this will show:

You can select weather you want to get rid of Terrain, Props and Devices, Wires, or Everything.

Section 6 - Layers

Layers are quite unused since everything is automated. You can find this tab in the Top Left next to the Eraser tab, when you click on the Layer Tab, this will show:

As you can see, there are 2 objects in the menu, but the tree is overlapping it! If I want to fix this, I will need to press the Up Arrow on the Bush, and when I do:

Now the Bush is on top of the Tree.

Section 7.0 - Options

The options tab is THE MOST IMPORTANT tab in Gimkit Creative. This tab lets you customize your game and it’s mechanics without having to use Devices. Here is what the Tab looks like:

Section 7.1 - Map Options

In the Map Options, you can customize what your game looks like, and how your game plays out:

This lets you customize Teams, Health and Shield, Scoring (And how players win the game), Item Management, and UI.

Section 7.2 - Editing Options

Editing Options are only useful while editing your map.

This Tab lets you change your Camera Zoom and Player Speed, it also lets you turn off Player Collision, Make objects grid snap, Show the Grid, Hide Zone Devices and Show the Memory Bar.

Section 7.3 - Permissions

This section lets players, that have joined your map, make changes to your map.

Section 7.4 Documentation and Help

This section will give you 2 options for help with your map.

The Help Document is where you can find some helpful articles to help make your map, and the Community Forums, is this place!

Section 7.5 - Showcase Links

Showcase links are a way for people to play your map live! Though it has it’s limitations, like:

  • The map is in Link Form
  • The link will only work for 7 Days

When you click on the Tab, this will show:

And when you Generate a Showcase Link, this will show:

Copy and Send the link to your friends so they can play!

Section 7.6 - Publishing

If you want your map to be listed on Discovery, this is the better alternative. If you want to read about Publishing, go here:


Congrats! You now know the basics of Gimkit Creative!
This post took me HOURS on end, so I beg you


Thanks for reading and Have Fun Creating Your Dream Worlds!

Advanced Guide:



Nice Guide.
I just created a teacher account today and did the GKC tutorial.

(Sorry if this is chatting lol)

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you should note this. for GimkitLover1

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But that isn’t gimkit creative; that’s gimkit

Also I have a teachers account just so I can create classes for my friends, not for gims


Wow nice guide @Argo77! I was 1/2 done with one of these. I guess I can’t post it anymore. Well, I’m glad someone posted one! This is well thought-out, nicely sectioned, and easy to understand! I like it.

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Thanks, sorry I got to it before you did. Maybe you could make an advanced one?
I basically did josh’s job with the Creative Document

Yeah, maybe I’ll just get rid of the beginning stuff. Or I might keep it. My guide presents the information in a way that teaches you about it, gives a short tutorial on it, and then has you try to do it yourself, like a teacher would. Then, if I had enough text left before the limit I was going to add some stuff about Forums, what makes a good guide, don’t repost, how to right in HTML format.
I took me 3 months to learn to do this, so I wanted to add a section that taught people stuff like that
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Ooh, yet another great guide from @Argo77! And just in time for GKC’s 1st Birthday! :birthday:


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@leahciM, GKC was released 1 year ago from Saturday. For months, I’ve had several things planned to celebrate this momentous occasion (including my game).

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No, this Saturday. May 11th. Sorry for the confusion, @leahciM. :laughing:

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This guide isn’t all that long, so length warning doesn’t seem necessary. But it is still very important and useful for the new users

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this will be very helpful for future kids that play Gimkit :slight_smile: