The Ultimate Builders Guide to Random Stuff

Welcome to the Ultimate Builders Guide to Random Stuff, Chapter. You will lear how to build a Pumpkin patch, an Aquarium, and a chair Tilt-A-Whirl.

First, make a 17 by 13 dirt square.

Then, add some fence posts

Then add some pumpkins and scarecrows, and done!

Next over somewhere else, make a 12 by 7 water rectangle

Then add some sand, rocks, coral, fish, and a stand

Then add the tank walls, and done!

Now, somewhere else, make a boardwalk

Then add some water and the base

Then add a bike rack for extra detail

Then add the poles and chairs, and done!

That’s chapter 1


:sunglasses: @Technoblade very nice

Chapter 2 will come out soon!

Shout out to @Frozen_cursor for giving me the idea :grinning:

@Technoblade how do you get the fish? There is only a fish stack prop for me.

You can get a text box, right click, and click emojis.

I think he used item spawners, with the bottom put under the sand.

Nice random stuff!

I used item spawners, and set gimfish, galaxy fish, and blue fish

That’s pretty creative, lol.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve got more than 5 notifications here…

Here’s chapter 2, Shark, and sitting infected robot

First, make the fin

Then, add the body ( I used metal signs)

Then add the fin, head, and tail

And finaly, add the eye

Next, place down an infected command table

Next add the head

Then add both of the arms

Then finally, put on the legs and extra detail

And that’s chapter 2

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