The Town of .... my map

I couldn’t find a cool title. So, I know I posted about town ideas, but I need help. My mind is still blank. I made a house, a garden, a beach, and a playground. What else could I add?

are you making a make where there a abunch of buildings and you can go into them and it just cool (I guess, you know like a have fun map?)

Yes, something like that. It’s like a town, something like that.

I have made a map like that called sorry that would be (I forgot the word) but me and my friend love to play on it, and it’s really cool

Okay, would you mind telling me what was on it?

Also, I’m right now currently adding a library.

You could call it the town of the gims, and add a school, an apartment complex, and an abandon place!!!

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Sure, sure. That would be a cool name for the Town!

Ok. I can’t wait to see it when your finished!!!

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Yes, I could use a lot of help for it.

I needed help on what I should add and people helped me, here is my help thing if you want to look at it.

You could name it Heritageville I have no idea what it means I just googled it

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Wow, that sounds like a good name too @leahciM !

Also, does anyone have any ideas for a library?

Yeah, great! I need ideas for a library. Or something else, does anyone have some?

have you tryed making a pool? (like city pool)

you could add bookshelves (1/2 rows) along the sides, and add a centerpiece for decoration!

my librarby lookes like this (the popups are so that you can read the books)

Yeah, I tried a pool @CoolGimkitPlayer !

Okay, thanks for that! I will try that!