The THIRD REALLY big question

how can you make it so that the counter with the highest value teleports all players to a specific area? (Im eating dinner so I cant reply until tmrw, bye!)

I’m assuming this is related to your last questions, so there’s two counters you’d checking. To avoid confusion, here are your last two topics

To keep things simple I will refer to “I have a question about something confusing” as Topic 1 and “Another Big Question” will be referred to as Topic 2.

Put this block code in the trigger with the delay in Topic 2. This will check what property is the highest and act accordingly.

Place two teleporters. Make one of them teleport players here when receiving on “Map 1,” and make the other teleport players here when receiving on “Map 2.”


Yes, it is related to my other posts as I’m making a voting system but too bored to follow the guide :wink: . Im going to test ur method out rn, ty!

Make the counters edit properties named correctly for concatenation with a for loop. And then set the max to 0 and go from there. I know, best explanation in the universe’s history.

Also navy, please don’t tell people to compare properties like that. It just breaks my heart because it’s SO inefficient!!! Like for 5 properties, you’ll need 120 if else’s. For 7 properties, you’ll have over a thousand!!!

A for loop is MUCH MUCH better.

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what if the voting system directly updated the property instead of updating the counters?

how do u make a for loop?

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ok, ok @getrithekd Im rly stupid so alr, let me get this question straight: what is concatenation and how do I do it??

how do I do this for 3 maps, @NavyCatZ ?

Sorry about that, I sucked at block code (and still kind of do lol.) Thanks for having a more efficient system.

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