Another big question

ok, so how do you make it so that once ALL players are in the spawn zone you can do something certain, and it gives you 5 seconds to do it? (rly confusing ik)

i dont think u can do this, not sure maybe check more posts. Maybe you’ll find the answer.

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Use a counter. Connect the zone to the counter to increment it when a player walks into the zone. Have the zone transmit on a channel that decrements the counter when a player walks out of the zone.

Create a system to count the amount of players in game if you haven’t already. Make both counters in the counting system and the zone system update a property. Connect the zone to a trigger that checks if the player counter’s property is equal to the zone counter’s property. If so, broadcast message on channel.

What do you mean about the 5 second time thing?

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I meant so that players after respawning have 5 seconds to vote on a map and then are teleported there, @NavyCatZ .

Place a trigger and make it trigger when receiving on the channel in the block code. Set the trigger to have a 5 second delay. Connect the trigger to whatever you want it to trigger after 5 seconds.


oops, i marked a solution, im going to test this and tell u how it goes in da morning

@NavyCatZ , how do I do that part?

Use the ‘_ = _’ block and put that in the if statement block.

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