The Suntoniam Guide to Chess

Credit to @Sun
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I know that there is already a guide on chess, but I wanted to make a simpler version.

  • A trigger for every square (times 8)
  • Alot of checkers!
Chess board

Guide on creating the board: Credit to @NightEnd

Recommended Props

Feel free to use your own props, this is a neat setup I found.

The Main Idea

The idea of this chess is using triggers and checkers to make a simpler chess.


isn’t there already a chess wiki?

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They wanted one :person_shrugging:

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Yeah I have a more simpler way of doing this.

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@twofoursixeight can you change the title to the Suntoniam guide to Chess

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i fixed it for you @Sun

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Thanks @Caternaught.


maybe try making your own chess board and crediting the guide that helped you? it defeats the purpose of making a simpler guide if it’s just a collection of other creators’ guides.

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It not it just that one part that I took from another guide.

ok then, whatever suits you

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you can also use emojis for pieces

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Text Wouldn’t work with mine and Sun system.

what is the difference?

Here is a useful list of chess symbols you can use:

Name Symbol Code point
white chess king U+2654
white chess queen U+2655
white chess rook U+2656
white chess bishop U+2657
white chess knight U+2658
white chess pawn U+2659
black chess king U+265A
black chess queen U+265B
black chess rook U+265C
black chess bishop U+265D
black chess knight U+265E
black chess pawn :chess_pawn: U+265F

you have to wire out instead of wiring in.

Example Prop made hidden show prop.

shouldn’t you be using channels?

You can do both I just like props more. Also some times you need to use wire.

Make sure you credit the credit the person who made it first.

it’s not my guide

Oh, sorry that was not what I meant it was the first reply button I saw and I didn’t see any others.