The Star War Pixel Art Wiki By @lonewolf0239 (WIP)

This is the Wiki for Star Wars terrain pixel art! YAAAAAAAY!

Happy early May the fourth.
I don’t care what you put as long as it is star wars pixel art related.
Be sure to add your name in the credits.
You can tell them how you make it if you want.
Put it under a dropdown with the character or thing’s name.

Some things for y'all to make:

Star Wars Pixel Art by BIJELICS on DeviantArt

images (4)
images (3)

images (1)

images (2)

Pixel art:

Boba Fett

By @lonewolf0230

  • Green Plastic
  • Red Plastic
  • Lab Floor (green)
  • Lab floor (magenta)
    (and other stuff haven’t finished)
Stormtrooper Commander (Orange Pauldron)

By @lonewolf0230


By @lonewolf0230

Clone Troopers

Here is a basic clone trooper design:

After some simple modifications, we can make special helmets.

Ahsoka trooper:

Unfortunately, Gimkit doesn’t have an orange terrain yet :slightly_frowning_face:
Hopefully you liked this!

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gracias amigo


Yall can edit now :slight_smile:

Made some CT helmets

Pixel art is kinda taking over the Forms I think, we had

and now we have this (UoU) it’s soo cool

nice pixel art. im surprised how good things can be with limited colors so pro’s to you on that.


I’m not the biggest fan of GKC pixel art, because its pretty easy to just look at any kind of pixel art from the internet and just copy it pixel-for-pixel in GKC with terrain and sometimes square barriers. Barrier/Prop art, however, is much more unique and there is no straightforward way to make something, like this, for example:

You couldn’t make this with pixel art, even if you tried for a while…


dang that looks good


bruh I thought that was a ss from a different game until I saw that the gun was a metal sign…

Can I add a material list for all the things

yes, if you want

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Imma be making a de@th star 2 so nobody take that

woah! That’s in gimkit!!!
That’s cool

that is insane spikelord!!!

blud the code is there is that ok

If the code isnt active

i shall make a bunch such a good idea!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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Yeah I thought it was real until I saw the sign and the Gimkit label.

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I will take you up on that challenge but i have to finish my art for redpanda


actually according to my calculations it actually may the first :nerd_face: :point_up:

you should make flying art or make the background look like space.