Barrier and Terrain Art wiki for Caternaught

Hello, Fellow astronauts! My name is Caternaught, and I’m back again with another guide! I have lost regular status, so @WolfTechnology is helping me!

I have been unsilenced, so I’m thrilled to see you guys!

Today I am teaching all of you to create Mega Terrain art and Cat-Tastic Barrier art! To do so, I shall show you the ways of the creator!

Pixel Art:

Reference images

Using reference images will help A LOT. These images give you a basic idea of what you want to create. I cannot make a terrain Mario head on my own. (yet)

For extra advice, I advise you to create a Google slideshow for a keepsake on these images.

My slideshow:

My result (On the Mario at least):

The Basics

If you want to get started with terrain art, get a small reference photo, like this mushroom:
and turn it into something great! like this GKC mushroom!

Make sure to have an outline done. if you are starting pixel art, outlines are crucial!
Look at this… um… Charmander? (this is a silly Charmander.)
Start with the outline on this, you can copy other GK Creators if you need to, and work around it. when that’s done, you should get this outline!

It’s ok to make mistakes, I made 13! (yes, I counted)
If you want to update the design of this, that’s ok! (I’m not too fond of the tail)

So I fixed it!
now, add the colors, one by one. I chose the Charmander design because I like that there is no orange terrain! I can now :star2: Use other colors! :star2:

Now, Start with one color and work around until it is done! I started with “Orange” to get most of it completed.

When I was done I added the other colors (not revealing the first color pic.)
and the result was this:

(is this a charmander or cubone?) (I think Cubone)

When you are done, you have a basic terrain art! Congrats! Pat yourself on the back! I appreciate you!

Complicated pixel art

Using the ideas and tools I have taught you in the previous dropdowns, try making something complicated! If you try and practice hard enough, you will get far! :slight_smile:

um. this is kinda complicated. I’m done with the bottom cat tho…
I’m so excited to see the work you come up with!

  • It is now 3:36 and I got 4/6 done. Talk later! :blush: :penguin: :blush:
Quote Reaction

@spikelord created this magnificent barrier art (as I call “screen art”, more on that later); after that, they might’ve criticized terrain art because of how easy it is, and believe me, I agree! but, there is one thing about it that I don’t like:

What set me off, you ask? read this part

This set me off, because do you know how long it takes to create pixel art as complicated as I do? I start with my minimum difficulty (5/10), which takes an hour. So when looking at pixel art that’s an 11/10, this will take forever. I started on the cat pixel art at 11:20 and so far it is 4:24 for me and I’m still not done. so I’m sorry If I upset you @spikelord I know that that’s hard, but I want you to know how this is hard also. :blush:

Use Outlines.

I can’t stress this enough. outlines are the main love of pixel art! With outlines many things change! Examples:

  • Looks More blockish with it.
  • Location Finder
  • Looks

Give you this for example. I have a special goblin fighter he will start with no outline. how will he turn out?

I’m giving him red hair. lol.

2:41 P.M.: I have finished.

That is without an outline. This is with one:

It makes the color pop and the terrain more blocky, right?

(it kind of looks ugly ngl) (but it’s your choice on what to use.)

Screen Art:

Reference images

Remember reading the first one? well, this one is a lot different because of the type of image. this one uses NON-Pixel art thumbnails.

this is a thumbnail from one of my favorite mobile games: Smashy Road Wanted 2.


thnk you!



Sorry about that, making the pixel art is EXTREMELY time-consuming and I’m currently copying the exact map from a game tile-for-tile. It has taken multiple hours, there are multiple incorrect parts that I don’t know where went wrong, and it has been a STRUGGLE. What I meant was more on the lines of people not having artistic creativity when making the art. An example is using a pixel art reference and just copying it exactly just for some likes without being original or complicated to make, just place down tiles and get free likes. (If you can prove that you made the pixel art either with no reference or with a reference you made yourself, then good on you!) The reason I think BPD art (Barrier, Prop, Device) is more impressive is there is no obvious way to make some pieces of art for most people, and you have to learn how each prop can be used in different ways to make screen art really come together and become recognizable. It also IMO looks better and more detailed than blocky pixel art. But yeah, sorry about how I worded that. No hard feelings! :heart:

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I literally thought Caternaught was unsilenced.

I um didn’t write any of that. I just made the wiki. :neutral_face:

I know, I was just mentioning that to @Caternaught. By the way, how much of the guide is finished?

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Can I edit for the reference images?

not even close. lol.