The Ritheked Version of Setting up Team Ratios

This guide is meant to help you set up team ratios, like in among us, where are are 2-4 crewmates per impostor. Both pseudo-teaming and regular teaming are compatible.

This will start off with many teams and bring it down to 1 or 2 teams by using team switchers.

First decide on your ratio. I will use 1:3 as my ratio. Now, in the map options, set the amount of teams as the sum of the 2 numbers, or in my case 1+3=4. Now, place down a team switcher for each team that YOU want in the END. Make the team switcher receive on “Switch to Team {number}” Now make lots of relays, according to (Sum of Ratio) - (Amount Relays) = 2. So, I have to place 2 relays down.

Now, identify your extra teams. Mine are teams 3 and 4. Now, here is a really conceptual part. We have equal teams so far. Now, we have to divert teams so that in the end, we have the correct ratio. Since the teams are equal, you can have x “teams” on team 1 and y “teams” on team 2, and on and on. I already have 1 “team” on team 1, but only have 1 on team 2. So, I will have to divert “teams” 3 and 4 to team 2.

Now, we have to implement this with relays. Make a relay that transmits to the team you want to switch. Make it broadcast on “Switch to Team {number}”. The number should be the team you should switch to. All the relays should receive on “Game Start”. Make a lifecycle that listens for the game start. It should transmit on “Game Start”.

To implement pseudo-teaming, make all the team-switchers switch to team 1, but make an item granter that grants a separate item for each different “Switch to Team {number}” channel.

This has been a really hard conceptual guide, but simple to implement. Let me know if you have questions. I can’t post pictures since my GKC doesn’t load :pleading_face:.

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This is a great guide!! too bad you can’t include images

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Nice guide! I read this is 0.00000000000000000000000000000001 seconds.

Oops, forgot to add pseudo-teaming in this… I’ll do that now.

Nice guide, @getrithekd! One question, why is the poll finding the average?

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Because NUOTM sucks and I no longer think that it will make any good decision.


Who got it?

@DinoDogg128 and @Koxin

Well, I think that the average shows it better than the actual results.

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Ok, but what if someone puts an 11? Then your average would be thrown off and you wouldn’t know if it happened or who did it.

True. I did not think of that.

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