More than one imposter?

Hey y’all, a newcomer to the creative community here. So after playing around a bit with the systems and tools and stuff, I decided I wanted to create an Among Us style game, which I have already found plenty of guides for. The one thing I have not seen is how to make it to where there are two imposters relative to the amount of players. Like, if there are six players there will be one imposter, but if there are more than that, there are two. Does anyone have any ideas?

Yes you can do that. Just do random player on Team 1(Crew team) And do it twice.

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Yeah, but is there any way to just let the game figure it out? Like if more than six people enter the game to pick two people instead of one, instead of me having to regulate how many people enter the game.

Place a button in the lobby to select the number of imposters

I thought of a way to do it automatically but it is annoying to do

Use zones? LIke, player enters zone-> Increment counter that edits property at beginning of the game. If the Property = 6, choose two imposters, other options, etc.

You can’t do that. Buttons are not pressable pre-game

I meant after you press start if there is a lobby room to select map or something

That might be too complicated, but yes that would work. But he wants to not have to set the number of players…

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@WhereIsMyHat is really good at mapmaking, so if you have questions, just notify him!
And so is @The_7th_Dragon !


Thank y’all! This was a big help :slight_smile:

If you need any help with the map, I can show you some screenshots of mine. @Haiasi and @max1 have helped with a lot.

I have a guide on that!

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