The rendering properties of zones (Theory)

HI GUYS and what if you teleport out of a zone that hides an overlay? would the game still show the overlay?

Yes, it would still show the overlay because the zone doesn’t have enough time before it de-renders to send the signal. Also, HI back.

Could this be used for anything, or is it just a nuisance?

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  • Nope, it’s just a nuisance
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idk what it could be used for but it could be used for SOMETHING. also it’s a nuisance too but there’s no multi-select sooo

Something complex with sentries?

Grey Stone I think I found smth that might help your theory. Sometimes when Im walking in a gimkit map a prop that is there when I come in view of it, it like shows itself but for a second it is not there.

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what, like you walk so it’s in sight and the whole image/sprite just goes pop into your sight instead of slowly displaying itself as you walk into the area where you can see it? i’m pretty sure that’s a visual glitch (it happens a lot in dld for me)

You can make a very cool escape room with this


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I had an entire idea, ate dinner, and now forgot

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Maybe the player has to stay within the zone and somehow activate a teleporter to get out?


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