The (possible) solution for @GimSolver's map

First of all @GimSolver , does your map have questions specifically text input questions, also what do you do that makes the game crash? I made a post similar to this here it is

why did you post this in Bugs?
and why did you make a new topic?

The old one closed, I can delete this if u want me to

well i do have one thing to reply to from there…

@GimSolver, just because your wifi thingy is full doesn’t mean you have good internet. in fact, it could be completely down and that bar could still be full… are you on school wifi by any chance?

Is this solved or may i help?

Nope, school was over by then. I’m on school wifi now tho.

im gonna close this bc it seems pointless

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Good Point! Like I said, I’m just gonna redo the wires.

Who is @GimSolver? And why is this under Bugs?

I’m @GimSolver. It’s under bugs because… well I didn’t make this.

Ok, then why is the post titled a solution for your map? Just asking.

The one tha you were supposed send a photo ofshields to me

I will find it, give me a few moments.

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