Ummm..... what happened?

ehhh, are you sure? Because if not its an internet problem



probably this above

is your internet working well?

Screenshot 2023-11-27 7.52.10 PM

Doubt it

okay can I see a picture, of the error occurred again

Of my internet? Already did.

no, the error

maybe try reseting your computer

you just copy and pasted the one above…

Already Did

what did you click before doing the error

Isn’t that what you wanted?

I clicked Nothing because I was test running my map

you do realize your not giving much to help me understand right?

this is off-topic since we are not talking about that

Make your own topic talking about it, sorry, don’t wanna get you flagged in my topic.

gimsolver so are you refreshing and going back in the gimkit creative?