The new dig it up: The simplest easiest noobiest guide to help you all get started! WIP THERE WILL BE NEW STUFF

As we all know, the new gimkit things- blocks, terrains and more have been added to gimkit! So here is every Idea I can think of that you could do! btw this is all on top-down I don’t have the season ticket

What we have gotten

We have gotten 8 new terrains each having different strength amounts (amount of damage it takes for a pickaxe to mine it!

-Dynamic Dirt (2hp)
-Dynamic Sand (5hp)
-Dynamic Stone (10hp)
-Dynamic Copper (45hp)
-Dynamic Silver (100hp)
-Dynamic Gold (300hp)
-Dynamic Ruby (500hp)
-Dynamic Diomand! (1500hp!)
Left to right, Dynamic Dirt, Dynamic Sand, Dynamic Stone, Dynamic Copper, Dynamic Silver, Dynamic Gold, Dynamic Ruby and Dynamic Diomand!

Now for the pickaxes.

Common - does 1 damage [in Dig it Up it is the default picaxe]
Uncommon - does 5 damage [in Dig it Up it is sold for 10 dynamic dirt]
Rare - does 25 damage [In Dig it Up it is sold for 10 dynamic stones]
Epic - does 100 damage [in Dig it Up it is sold for 10 dynamic silver]
Legendary - does 300 damage [in Dig it Up it is sold for 5 dynamic rubies]

Pickaxes: Left-Right include Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary
All of the new features!

Map Ideas!

Oh yea I don’t have screenshots, because its your creativity

  • The Colosseum. This map has already been released on Gimkit Discovery, but I want to dig into this! You can make it so there are weapons (slingshots) and you have blocks to place to keep yourself safe while anhilliating others. This also works for the platformer mode.

    Map Idea.

  • Dig it off. NO THIS IS NOT A CLONE OF DIG IT UP. instead of trying to save the mayor, your goal is to find out where the escape is by mining, building and messing around. You can use pickaxe upgrades to help make it faster! I think this would be cool In both places because it makes your game intense

  • Sky’s the limit! [platformer mode] You have to build your platformers for others to try to increase their creativity! It will be creative on how people make their platformers in a platformer! You can’t do this on top-down as you have to jump.

  • 1v1 blocks. You are given a pickaxe and a slingshot. You can break blocks to get them, but also pew blocks (Make sure you can make them one shot). There is an item spawner that grants you 1 shot blocks making it Gimkit bedwars but in top-down and in platformer but platformer will be more enjoyable!

  • Maze survival. You spawn in with a maze but you can break blocks, place blocks and anything you can do with the top-down. This works with platforming but you will have to think outside the box.

Thanks for reading this :smiley: AND NO THIS IS NOT COPIED


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There was already a guide on block health and pickaxes plus he had game ideas for it so it is kinda copied.

And you could have as a plus added your map idea to this wiki:


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Ima fast reader. Remember to also search before making a topic! Just expirment with gkc and your bound to find something new although there are already a lot of guides on a lot of things meaning theres not much less to make.



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Common is the default pickaxe, uncommon is sold for 10 dynamic dirt, rare is sold for 10 dynamic stone and is the lobby pickaxe, epic is sold for 10 dynamic silver, and legendary is sold for 5 dynamic ruby.

I was thinking of creating a sky wars map when platforming came out to evryone and now Dig it up is hear it will be more fun

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