Gim_guy's miner guide

Hey everyone!

As of the new release of the Dig It Up gadgets the pickaxe from Dig It Up was added with it all. Now you see this guide is showing the stats of each pickaxe, what you could break with it, and some game ideas you can create with the pickaxe!

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Stats of the pickaxe

oh just to let you know I’m pretty sure the pickaxe does the same damage whether its breaking a block or attacking someone
also range is the same for all of them, you need to be right next to the block or player
for distance you need to be about this close to hit someone


Block damage: 1
Player damage: 1
200 hits for knockout
if you want you can try and use this to knockout players though its not recommended at all


Block damage: 5
Player damage: 5
still not worth trying to pvp or pve with this
40 hits for knockout


Block damage: 25
Player damage: 25
decent damage in my opinion
use it when you want low damage but not too low
8 hits for knockout


Block damage: 100
Player damage: 100
2 hits for knockout


Block damage: 300
Player damage: 300
one hit for knockout


I’ve tested all the terrains and the only ones you can break are the dynamics. (dynamic dirt, dynamic sand, dynamic stone, dynamic copper, dynamic silver, dynamic gold, dynamic ruby, and dynamic diamond)

Block Health

Each dynamics health are different with dirt having the least health and diamond having the most.

Dynamic dirt

Dynamic dirt has 2 health. Easy to mine with any pickaxe. The only rarity that needs multiple hits is common as common only does 1 damage.

Dynamic sand

Dynamic sand has 5 health. It takes 5 hits with a common and a one shot with all the rest.

Dynamic stone

Dynamic stone has 10 health. It takes 2 hits with uncommon and 10 with common. All the rest take one hit.

Dynamic copper

Dynamic copper has 50 health. It takes two hits with rare, 10 hits with uncommon, and 50 with common.

Dynamic silver

Dynamic silver has 100 health. It takes 4 hits with rare, 20 hits with uncommon, and 100 hits for common. Epic and legendary are one hit.

Dynamic gold

Dynamic gold has 250 health. It takes 3 hits with epic, 10 hits with rare, 50 hits with uncommon, and 250 hits with common. Legendary is one hit.

Dynamic ruby

Dynamic ruby has 500 health. It takes 2 hits with legendary, 5 hits with epic, 20 hits with rare, 100 hits with uncommon, and 500 hits with common.

Dynamic diamond

Dynamic diamond has 1500 health. It takes 5 hits with legendary, 15 hits with epic, 60 hits with rare, 300 hits with uncommon, and 1500 hits with common.

Game ideas

Platformer Type Games

Remake of Dig It Up
Fortnite (with building)
Build to Survive
Floor is Lava! :volcano:

Top-Down Type Games

battle royale
Top down dig it up



A little pointless, but still, nonetheless, nice. Good to refer to if you don’t wanna just keep checking constantly if you forgot lol.

(Maybe do block HP too?)


To hit someone the pickaxe must be almost completely touching them. At least that was how it was when i tested it

Edit: Nevermind. That is only when hitting from above


good idea
I could add that as well
but my head is hurting so I cant continue tonight


i understand your pain :cry:

well noice guide, hopefully you finish, if not, just make it a wiki


this is a noice guide!
hope u feel better so u can continue <3

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hye rq thing abt your thumbnail did you finish the game and publish it?

i want to make sure u credit me.

ok so I’m going to start working on this again but I’m going to make it a wiki for people to add ideas for games you can make using pickaxes

finally done

bubble wrap celebration

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Ah. buble wrap.


I added a new possibility for a Platformer game. I’m making it (comes out next week).

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Amazing! I am using your idea of a Floor is Lava, but adding building. If you want, I could let you know when it is done.

Edit: I also added the game idea spleef

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Me too.


Thanks for adding ideas guys!
Appreciate it very much.

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I added top down dig it up.

I added the bedwars theme, i think it’ll be cool ;p

Hmm… top-down diu seems cool…
I wonder if, with the use of layers, you could make it so that once you mine through the top layer of dynamic dirt, the next layer of dynamic sand becomes visible, etc until you get to a non-dynamic terrain. Like you can dig through dirt to find a stream of water…

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Can we use pickaxes in a top-down map when creating a game?

yes it is possible @GKCGOAT

Thank you! I just wanted to add.