The new 8-bit gim is pay to win

The 8-bit gim is pay to win, you get a smaller hit box, and you get a larger jumping radius, tested it in dont look down and knockback. What do yall think, pay to win or a scam.

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This isn’t a bug or related to Creative though, and all Gims use the same hitbox.


Are you sure? How have you tested it? Send me the raw data then I’ll give you my verdict. If it’s true that you get a larger jumping radius then yes. However DLD can be hard to test accurately because if you jump of a slanted surface, you can go up to 3 or more times as far. Send me a video.

All gims use the same hitbox.
Josh has said this multiple times.

It is not pay to win.


ok i will try to do that today

(Gimkit ) :wink::+1: (Gimkit)

idk how to send the raw data tho

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There is an Icon on the top of the post bar that looks like a rectangle with 2 mountains and a circle in it. You can click on that to upload a picture/video.

What proof do you have to show its smaller hitbox and larger jumping radius? I’ve never had a problem with this.

That’s the data that he is trying to post.
Although I do agree, I haven’t seen any significant difference.

alright then :man_shrugging:
all gims have the same hitboxes. by the way, you can’t upload videos.

Yes. All gims do have the same size hitbox. I will be doing experiments to see If the jump height changes. Or maybe the jumping height difference was due to a percentage difference in knockback. Why can’t you upload videos?

what exactly is the point of this post? it has been said many times that all gims have the same hitbox so why is it still open.


Answer confirmed, all gims jump the same height.

Or at least the 3 gims I used. I used snowmuff, raveana and gimbit: cyan.

I suspect that your mistake came from either pressing the jump button to fast too late, or just computer lag.
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im telling you the 8-bit gim has a longer jumping range.test it yourself.

not all are but 95%, but the hitboxes are the exact same no matter the width or height of the gim.