The Item Image in a Nutshell

The Item Image is a new device added to Gimkit Creative.
The item image can display an item on a map that cannot be picked up.
An Item is an obtainable item in Gimkit, such as a Zapper or Energy.
As of Apr. 16, 2024, the Item Image can be found under the New Devices submenu in the Devices menu. This is what a freshly-placed Item Image looks like:
Screenshot 2024-04-16 8.08.33 AM

Customization: You can customize the size and displayed image.
The device is not interactable, meaning that it can not be changed mid-game.


found this 8 minutes ago too lol

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hey maybe add this to the tugted? (The Ultimate Guide To Every Device)

Maybe suggest adding this to TNO?

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? pokeball ahh item!