The Infinite Energy Granter Area [Difficulty: 2/10 🟩]

If you’ve played Tag: Domination, you’d know there’s an upgrade that grants some energy every second. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then play it first.

  1. Place down a repeater, zone, wire repeater, and item granter.
  2. Wire the zone to the wire repeater (player enters zone>repeat the wire pulse).
  3. Wire the wire repeater to the repeater (starts repeater). Then wire the repeater to the item granter (repeater runs task>grant item).
  4. Oh yeah, and make the item granter grant energy. Or, if you need this to be a different item, do whatever you want.
  5. Wire the zone back to the repeater (player leaves zone>stop repeater).

Thanks for reading! I typically use this for “rest areas,” but if you just have a vending machine that transmits on a channel and the repeater and item granter, you can do this as an upgrade.

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Nice guide! Hope you can complete it!

Nice guide!

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