More Short Guides From The Annoying Cursor Ripoff

Welcome to my first (official) short guide compilation! I had a lot of ideas but they are too short and will get me reported for spam even though it’s not.

Navigation Overlays

I don’t know how to explain this, but have you ever played a game that tells you where you are? Like, ever played Escape the School on GKC? You know what, no more intro, I’m just going to get started and you can’t stop me.

  1. Place down a zone, wire repeater, and game overlay.
  2. Wire the zone to the wire repeater (player enters zone>repeat wire pulse). Then wire the wire repeater to the overlay to show it.
  3. Wire the zone directly to the overlay, this time hiding it (player leaves zone>hide overlay).

This really goes to show how useful game overlays can be.

Final result:

Optional: Make the overlay a button that, when clicked, opens a popup that gives the player more information.

Inspiration was Escape the School on the Gimkit Fandom.

"Achievement Unlocked!"

We all love achievements. In fact, I just made an achievement three hours before writing this: TL3! I’m gonna show you how to recreate the achievement notification in Gimkit, but then you’re on your own if you want to add those to something like an in-game XP bar.

  1. Have your “achievement trigger” ready. It doesn’t have to be an actual trigger, just make it like a zone with a prop or button with a prop. Also place down a notification device.
  2. Wire the zone/button to something or just wire the zone/button directly to the notification.
  3. If you want, wire the zone/button to an item or health granter as a “reward!”

Note: If you have a button as your achievement trigger, then you need to wire that to a wire repeater (button pressed>repeat wire pulse) and wire it back (when wire repeater recieves a pulse…>deactivate button.

Final result FOR ZONES:

Final result FOR BUTTONS:

Functional Gumball Machine

The gumball machine is a prop that, in my opinion, has the potential to become the next new device (no joke)!

  1. Place down your gumball machine if you haven’t already, and a button and health granter.
  2. Make sure the button isn’t visible in-game, and then wire it to the health granter.

You can also wire the button to a popup, and then wire the popup to the health granter for extra effect.

Drained Mode Draining Mechanism

If you use my infinite item granter (area) guide without a zone and do this:

  1. Place the materials needed for that guide, but replace the zone with a lifecycle and relay*. The lifecycle should be listening to the game start and the relay should relay it across all players.
  2. Wire the lifecycle to the relay (event occurs>trigger relay). Then, wire the relay to the repeater (relay trigger>start repeater) and the repeater to the item granter (repeater runs task>grant item).
  3. Make the item granter grant negative of your preferred amount, and make the repeater delay whatever you want.

*I’ve heard the lifecycle listening for the game start only affects the game host because they started the game, and we need the action to be relayed across all players.

Final result:

Floating Item Effect

I know this has been done a couple of times before, but I still want to put this here because it’s… cool, but might get patched if it was an unintended feature.

Basically, pretend you have something like a marble sign and want it to have a floating item. You would do this by making an item spawner go to the above layer and place it on the marble sign. This hides the area where you can see the item spawner part and leave the item part showing. I really hope this isn’t a bug.

In case you don’t understand the title, I’ve made a couple of short guide compilations before.


this is great! but I reccommend adding some pictures

yeah i’m trying to do that


1: Nice Guide!

2: Escape The School!

3: Congrats on TL3

4: My version of an “Unlockable Achievement System” would have some marble stones display the title of the achievement, the requirements, and whether it is locked or not.
On game start, all of them are locked, obviously.

But when a player earns the achievment, the action then runs an event (in this case, hiding the [LOCKED] text and showing the [UNLOCKED] text.

(They don’t earn rewards though, it’s more for display and accomplishments.
I might add rewards, but not much, probably just a small amount, because as I said,


Nice guides!