The hat finder’s guide to cheese 🧀

For the first couple of steps, follow @EggNoodle ’s guide. Come back when you have finished the outline.

Once you have an outline, place two barriers. I would personally recommend keeping the default color of the barriers. Rotate and size change the barriers to look about like this:

Then, fit them inside of your outline like this,
Next, create a couple circular barriers and spread them around the yellow parts.

And now, you’ve got a cheese!


Make sure barrier transparency is 1
Make sure barrier outline is off
Guide made completely on mobile


Nice guide!
Why do people make cheese with holes?
Why are the holes black? Are they parasites?
Could you make blue cheese?

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@GimSolver Cheese with holes

Merry Christmas!

Also nice guide Hat!


It has to do with carbon dioxide creating air bubbles in it while it’s being produced.
They are black to create a sense of depth.
No, they are not parasites.
I could, but I don’t care enough to.


Nice guide! This is a different way to make cheese without using the prop and emojis

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Did any of you read the notes? Just a question.

Can you make a guide on how to make a glass of orange juice please?

you could take the prop and make it larger
but ok if you want to do that

It’s stuck on a plate.

I guess. Just give me a bit.

would you rather put a piece of cheese on the floor or
on a plate on the floor
like seriously what would you prefer

Well, a ceramic plate is an option so just have regular cheese and add the plate later.

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hey could you make like exploding cheese
I mean I know its possible but will you put it in a game or something?

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and not trying to be plate-ist, but it’s stuck on a wooden plate, which doesn’t really fit well with a ceramic plate background/setting/theme/whats-the-word


A modern theme? If that’s what you mean, I agree.

you are right about that
there’s like a 1500 year difference or something

Uhh… Isn’t this just my cheese guide but with a slightly different design?


except yours looked and tasted metallic


So we’re creating variations of cheese, huh? Can’t gims change that themselves? You don’t create a guide on everything…

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Oh, and in my previous guide, I had to use metal props because rotatable barriers weren’t a thing back then…