The guide to everything Bananas! 🍌

@Captain-Gim can you do something about all the chatting?


Sure, guys


I warned you in the guide and one or 2 post already, so please listen.

I’d prefer you not reply to my guide and it get likes and stuff, thank for you to chat.

@Foxy, I haven’t said anything because I don’t want to start anything.

I support neither off-topicness nor policeness because too much of either is bad.

The guide was to inspire people with little things such as bananas, but also be funny while doing it. The guide was also an art, but instead of making a tavk or something I did an item and everything it could make.

One more thing I don’t like people policing my guides.


Guys @Captain-Gim is right, you should all stop.

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but can we still send suggestions tho? because I have a whole list of ideas even thumbnail ideas and I be sad to let them go to waste @Captain-Gim

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Please do share all ideas though, that’s what the forums is for after all. I’m excited to see them, too.

another idea. bananana vs carrot.

why do i feel like that gonna start war? i should spoiler it.

idea:banana buffs: bananas that helps you and your ally’s or is against your enemies

idea:banana speed: leave down a banana trail when running.

idea banana damage: fires bananas that do 2x damage and slows and silp the player per hit.

idea banana ability: THE HOLY BANANA ATTACK!

idea banana: banana jumpscare. ehhhhhh let avoid that one. unless you feeling like adding that to traps.

idea banana: banana dance:

idea banana: jump boost goes well with the banana bat.

idea banana thumbnail/art: falling into the banana

idea banana thumbnail/art: completeing to get the banana Idea gotten from the pure gold banana and the 100 mil banana
idea banana thumbnail: teleporting banana?!

you make this all ideas thumbnails/arts idk or care but please make em if u can and want to.


That’s a good game idea. I think I’ll come around to updating all my banana stuff once I finish all my other stuff. Thanks.


your welcome also I forgot to list one

idea banana ult. become the banana the pure gold banana

got no ideas for this one yet.

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If you wanna improve that and add it to the guide in an organization way you can using:
@margimkitcreator’s banana idea

margimkitcreator's banana idea

[Insert stuff here]

It’s up to you. You can put it after Blizzy’s troll guide. (You got the 100th reply).

It adds to my notifications, so that’s cool.

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really you would let me do that? and where would I put it at?

okay doing it now.

edit: done

also thanks for letting me know I got the 100th reply banana for all!


100th post! 100,000,000 banana celebration!

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which one the amount of bananas or the actual banana cost?

this gives me another idea for the banana ult.

before you ask what do I mean

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Amount of bananas! Obviously, dude.

Also, that is wonderful. Each banana for my celebration is a dollar, though.

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I confused?

if you mean you got the 100th post uh you didn’t check with the scrolling.

also the idea you gave me.

bananana ult b0mb move 1 spawn a banana ult b0mb that cost 10 percent of ur ult radius. 500.

damage 10000000000

survival? 10 percent.

you better hope you on the banana team.

can fill the map with bananas after expl0sion

start with a 1 min cool down and can only be used once per ult.


yea thats okay, but dont send nonesense pls. It breaks my brain.

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uh remember when I said

I think I was correct that there will be a banana vs carrot.



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well this’ll be fun to watch…

I already checked out both guides and they seem…odd…I like this one better though…

I just realized the wix is having a similar situation rn…its bananas vs bread vs Capri sun…


want popcorn to go with that? :popcorn:

welp let the war begin I guess.

and now i continue giving ideas to help the bananas because why not?