>>> The Guide For Coming Up With Game Themes! <<< ☄


Hey, @Kormorant here!
I see you’ve decided to set your eyes upon my guide. Well, have at it. Below is the Ultimate Guide For Coming Up With Game Themes!

What is a Theme?

A theme is not the type of game (like battle royale, etc.) but stuff like the setting and what you put into the game to make it have a certain feel.

Good Themes

There are a lot of themes out there, but some are better than others.
Some good examples include:


Seasons can include winter, summer, fall/autumn, and spring, and even such things like the dry season and the rainy season.


Something prison-like, such as a Dungeon or a Jail.


Water themes can include Island-themed games, oceans, and ponds/lakes.

Game Types and the Themes They Best Go With

Battle Royale = Any
Puzzle = Prison-y & Lab
Minigames = Any
Flood/Lava Escape = Prison-y & Water

I Still Can’t Think of a Good Theme

If, by the time you have finished reading this guide, and you still don’t have a good theme, I have a suggestion for you. Go play some games on discovery! After playing a few, I assure that you will find a theme you like in one of them.


I will be adding a little :pinching_hand: bit more to this guide.

Well, thanks for checking out this guide! If you have anything you think I should add, reply below!

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very nice! it can help when you’re stumped, wish I had this literally 30 mins ago lol

Nice guide! I do tend to struggle with game themes. I really like prison-y and puzzle games tho

IK lol i starting working on this guide bc of that

hey, at least its epic like epic mini games LOL

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I crack myself up lol

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Was This Guide Helpful?
Scale Of 1-10

*Rates Seven

Anyways, I’m Looking Forward To More.

Hello Kormorant! I’m going to replace gim ai for this one
What you did well

  • Introduction: You introduced the idea of themes. Introductions help readers understand what your guide is about.
  • Sections: Placing content in your guide in sections make it more organized and easier to read.
  • Examples: Adding examples help readers understand your guide. You added a few examples.
  • Outro: A snappy ending gives gims something to leave with.
  • Extra points: You included a rating poll. Rating polls allow gims to rate how much the guide helped, and they also give you advice on how you could improve.

Where you could improve

  • Images: Adding images help gims to understand your point. In this guide, adding images would help gims in designing their game theme. They would know the style and purpose of game themes.
  • More examples: Although adding examples are beneficial, you did not include all examples here. There are many more examples of game themes that new gims would look for, and this guide needs a bit more resources to include everything that would be in an Ultimate Guide.

Ok, I wrote this all myself by the way. If this was unwanted, I didn’t purposely make it to be offensive.


It was a good thought and has the power to be beneficial, but it is smaller than I thought it would be. When you said “Ultimate” I was like, “this thing has got to be huge” and well, it was kinda disappointing.

You should at least have a minimum of 25 examples,

and pictures for 75% of them.
This isn’t the only guide about themes so try to link some other guides too like:
Cool themes ideas for your maps (reply with more themes) - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative
This one would be a good example for you to look at, it is 2454 characters :
What Game should I make? How about one of these: (@JoeTheChicken’s Map & Theme Ideas) - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative

Something else

On that one guide about the thumbnail, I didn’t mean to post the same thing as you. I was on my phone typing, and before I could check to see if someone else sent something it di.ed and auto-sended :skull:


There is already a guide on this.
Cool themes ideas for your maps (reply with more themes)
Cool themes ideas for your maps [re-upload]

Search before you post.

I swear, I’m so tempted to break the PSA rule and make one about searching before you post because the other one has disappeared!

The only extra thing this really adds is what a theme is, which is pretty obvious in the first place!

The other one has way more theme ideas as well- this only has, what, four???

This whole duplicate guide thing is driving me insane!
I can’t stand it!

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I did not see those when I searched

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When you search in topics normally it shows 5 top results, ALWAYS press “More…” in the bottom left of the box. There were 50+ topics, most of the results were Help topics, but there are a couple of guides scattered about in there.

Don’t reply anymore about searching and duplicate guides, off-topic

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I usually press more, but oh well.

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You should also see the “your guide is similar to” thing when making guides.

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yeah but all I saw were game ideas not themes