The Gimberry Glitch In Fishatopia

So I played Gimkit for a while and noticed that the Gimberry did not spawn after I left Lucky Lake and it has been around for a while. My friend reported to me too that it did not spawn after he left Lucky Lake. So please fix this glitch because it is getting pretty annoying when playing Fishatopia.


Hello. Can you provide a video on this issue? If you already have evidence you can report this to

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its common sometimes u just have to double check if you collected them all sometimes if not the game probably dosent register them all in time

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I can show you a picture because I am not able to so I got all the berrys and went to Lucky Lake but it did not spawn I even tried it twice.


Thanks for the feedback.

Didn’t know there was a glitch like that—hrm. :thinking:
If nothing else works, email, or refresh and try again. That would be painful, though…starting over :sob:
Other than that, if it doesn’t work, emailing Gimkit is the best option; maybe they can help.

I just don’t want to restart it took me 20 min to collect all berrys but not the gimberry and get every upgrade, every power up, even every pond.

I’m sorry, but contacting Gimkit may be the only way to fix the issue—
I know it’s painful…(I’ve been experienced with that!) :sob:

this is not a glitch but a player mistake. to get a gim fish you need to eat at berry at purple pond, and the other to locations(a grape, stawberry, and raseberry) then you can catch a berry fish, then go back teh the cash in and you will see the gim berry, eat that and you can now catch gim fish. If you did this and its not there, email gimkit at and report it there.

Yeah I tried beating the high score for me to beat fishatopia in 12 min but it was 35 min because I had to restart to get the gimberry. :sob: :sob: :sob:

I was so close but had to restart.

Okay, sorry, but let’s remain on topic.
Y’know–the issue…?
Wait, that sounds stupid now, as this is said more than there actually is off-topic posting…

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Restarting refreshes the server connection, so that would help, and you can catch a gim fish in under 10 minutes.

sorry about that thing

Wlecome back finn! glad to see u!

Yeah I been gone for a year

just so you know if you don’t get every fish and berry at least once the gimberry won’t spawn

You need to catch The Berry fish for it to spawn

don’t you have to catch a berry fish before leaving lucky lake to get the gimberry?

As a few others have mentioned, this is not a bug. In order for the gimberry to spawn, you must catch a berry fish while at lucky lake.