The Gimberry Glitch In Fishatopia

but you cant get the berry fish unless you have caught every fish AND ate all the berries.

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Oh right- I also wanted to mention that if you’re going for the fastest time to get gimfish (solo), that time isn’t 12 minutes, it’s 5:29.167.
(5 minutes and 29 seconds)

Well I got all berry, caught the berry fish but the gimberry still not spawn.

I guess maybe set a delay?

Maybe it was a delay

if you caught all fish that you could get it would have spawned you need to catch at least 1 of every fish except the gimfish(kinda obvious) to have the berry spawn. another way of saying it is you need: 1 grey fish, 1 green fish, 1 red fish, 1 blue fish, 1 purple fish, 1 beach fish, 1 starfish, 1 galaxy fish, and 1 berry fish for it to spawn.

im going to test it right now

dude. did you eat all the berrys AND get the berry fish from lucky lake? you might have not gotten it.

works fine here is proof

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I been having a good day I stopped playing gimkit because I played fortnite

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