The foxian way of How to stop certain players without the specified names from joining ur game

so what this basically does is it checks all the players names and crashes whoevers game that dosent have the specified names and it keeps em out except for pre-game lobbies
so first place 2 life-cycles down one saying ¨j0ins late¨ and one saying ¨game start¨
and connect them both to a relay that says ¨all players¨ in the settings and place a trigger down thats not visible ingame and cannot be stepped on and put a delay of 0.015 in the trigger and this block code in it except replace the text blocks with your name and somebody else who u want to j0in

and then place down a questioner and put a fake kitlink in the options and make it enable itself on ¨crash game¨ and then place another trigger with a delay of 0.030 that recieves on ¨crash game¨ and sends on ¨disable questioner¨ and make the questioner deactivate on ¨disable questioner¨ this makes it so it can be repeatedly done to crash that specific players game
finished product should look like this

also credits to @CringeKarlScott for showing us how to crash the game >:3

with all that have a good day meow! :3


Cool Guide!

Good guide, but can you put in the guide why you don’t want people with certain names? I would think it’s because it messes up the story, but this would still be a fun thing to do.

it stops griefers and helps with inapropiate names that some peeps put


Ok, good point.

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can you just quote my game crash tutorial
cuz you explain it really bad and yours dooesnt even work

huh worked for me thats strange

well hold on lemme get to my classroom first then i´ll edit it


done! and yeh im not great at explaining things

no no no no noooooo
i mean replace your explanation

with my explanation


oki sure i´ll do that later and if the system didnt work its probably cuz it only works when the game starts and when a player joins late not in editing mode or pre-game lobby

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Bear already made a name checking system.


oof lemme see rq

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yeah but im pretty sure that just gives them an unclosable popup and alerts the host of the player from what i understand
this one crashes their game and makes sure they cant do anything

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