The Flag, his coolness, and what he can do

Have we fully figured out everything that the flag can do? What happens when we try to get rid of it? Are any of these effects useful or groundbreaking?

wdym “get rid of it”?

Flag as in forum or gimkit creative (just making sure)

Flags are not resources nor gadgets. They are consumables.

You can also create a timer that automatically drops the flag. Using this you could create a shot clock? Maybe? I made a system that automatically drops the flag after 5 seconds.

I don’t know how to make a gif could someone please show me? Thanks.

uhm whaaat?

Hmm… What are you confused about? Would you like me to explain better? Flags (the device in gimkit creative) are considered consumables.

how? it cant be consumed…

I mean they can be held and shown in the inventory slots (middle-bottom of your screen) unlike most other items

Yes. But I ran some tests using the game options apparently it is a consumable. You can try for yourself if you don’t believe me.

i just want an answer, how is it a consumable? It cant be consumed by a player and it is in the devices section. Technically it would be a item/device since it can be seen in your hotbar.

I don’t know. For some reason it just is a consumable. I don’t know how gimkit determines what is a gadget, what is a consumable. This is all I know. Sorry if I can’t answer your question. Also yes it is an item albeit a consumable one.

Flags’ “rarity” is blue, for some reason. Maybe you could use it as a cool-looking prop?

Maybe like a turret or cannon prop
Oh, and a boat’s sail!

Is it possible to check when someone picks up a flag?

Alright, what if we cleared the inventory while a player has a flag?

Yeah. That’s in the options. I’m pretty sure that the channel broadcast is player scoped.

I think there was a post a while back on what would happen if you did this. I believe it just completely destroyed the flag and there would be no more flag for the rest of the game.

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Not exactly the same thing, but pretty similar.